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Jerry Jones, Cowboys "in awe of RG3"


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Fri, 23 Nov 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Had two days you're ready throwing trapped in. -- we -- actually OK on the on the college stuff it just -- that likes to destroy the deep ball and and they hit some huge shots on us. Those artery -- you know recover from it deflate the entire team this -- just. Pointed and a thousand golf. Or deeper and of the plays was Mike. And they made some great kitchens and made some great plays it was unbelievable plays they were making. Then. Obviously our turnover. There was a big difference we -- dancer. Kind of is challenging forced to slow those guys down. We didn't do enough on offense to keep up put them in the first half. I thought our team responded well in the second half to get us back in the ballgame and make it one score game -- but it wasn't enough about to beat this team. CSN Washington dot com.

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