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Redskins prepare for Giants, deal with injuries to Fletcher, Williams



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  4. Monday Night Football0:02
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  10. heartbreaking loss1:36
Mon, 26 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Monday Night Football it's against the Giants are trying to make up for the last time they play there's a lot of line plots. The NFL really helped the Redskins yesterday the skins are part of a group -- basically seven teams battling for the two wild card spots. Six of those teams lost yesterday so there's still a lot to play for for the skins with five games left in the season as for today. London Fletcher did not practice after re aggravating his left ankle injury in Dallas. But head coach Mike Shanahan isn't concerned yet with the NFL's Iron Man. I wanna be concerned about London. Because he's always seems to be their initial worry about it just like you I don't worry about it anymore. He always seems to be -- ago. In addition to Fletcher Trent Williams didn't practice as well on Monday he suffered a deep thigh bruise on the third play in Dallas and said he played basically 60%. But this -- is now a 60% Trent is still better than 90% of the rest of the week. My name is quite sure you could see on the sideline you could see him just -- where he was strong and don't just feel it was really bother him. Put he was he was gonna. He was gonna come out he's gonna stand there being captain and fight through it and you know he is hurting. There's no question about it. But you know we need him to play at that level than even -- would probably. He'll say it was in his best game and we needed a locker. Luckily for the skins they have a full weeks still to get healthy. And a chance to make amends for heartbreaking loss to the Giants back in October. We know we had them. Going to last played a game NA NA in the making a play to -- went on the but I think we know we can compete at a high level of play to their standards that you know you can assume -- -- music a lot -- You more for the money we just got to. Win every and we got a win -- -- we don't win them on that matter so long you've got to focus on what we gotta do. And so on -- So here are the wild card standings as of this moment right now Seattle owns the tiebreaker there. The Redskins keep in mind have already beaten Tampa Bay. Minnesota the Cowboys. And New Orleans were also five and six but not on this list. Keep in mind now a lot of football still to. Play back to Trent Williams now. Yes they've got some time for him to get healthy he knows how big this game is especially going up to -- against the Giants defensive front war. It would be a shock if he's not out on the field. Come Monday night one other note today the Redskins had until tomorrow to make a decision on right tackle Jammal Brown either activate him or shut him down for the season. Mike Shanahan said he has a pretty good idea what they're gonna do. But he wants talk it over first for Jamal hell make that announcement on Tuesday. CSN Washington dot com.

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