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Wizards and Spurs - the difference is clear



  1. Portland trailblazers2:06
  2. Verizon Center2:12
  3. Wizards1:54, 1:58
  4. Chris Miller2:13
  5. Spurs0:23, 0:28, 1:53
  6. Washington0:00, 2:14, 2:16
  7. employees opinions0:58
  8. championship caliber team1:56
  9. field goals0:21
Tue, 27 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Another loss I don't know which -- say. It's into the laws. Learn from -- but this loss comes against the best team in the NBA now eight in one on the road. The difference in this game assist to field goals made Spurs converted 32 assists. 145. -- field to watching the Spurs. It's not it's. The moment things. I feel you know that's how they play and -- -- -- -- team. In the constantly in the rhythm and when you execute. Total drivel. Take with good defense if you. Don't always. Get back to its potential -- this tournament. Time sometimes we need to -- Must not be so short shuttle time and it doesn't come down to gorgeous actually knows also doesn't toughness and just -- employees opinions not. You have to run played out every Tom liked it and run play down there it's on the court and lose with them to a game and his son play. Is out again about exposing him just plans have to. You can see you have. CS were down or mobile. I mean everything or when that together as a unit and that things need to change. I know patience is there was something that the fans and and everybody else has but it takes time to put team together and have people for the right away and -- -- -- coaching there. I'm in the third -- in the new system or whatever maybe anybody. Com takes time -- -- that stuff out and the they have the talent that would do it so hopefully looking up. Few weeks came phils -- first. Nobody you're right nobody honestly feel sorry force that absolutely not. And we gotta we gotta -- understand so we came here we can add on to the problem -- our first. This was an education by the Spurs teaching the Wizards what it takes to be a championship caliber team all the Wizards have a long way to go to reach that point. They have to worry about Wednesday trying to get their first win against another team that won't feel -- form. And the Portland trailblazers. Featuring may be the rookie of the year and point guard Damien Miller. At Verizon Center Chris Miller CSN Washington CSN Washington dot com.

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