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Zuckerman: Who fills in the Nats rotation?



Csnwashington.com. The nationals made great strides last season but there still is plenty of work to be done out and we into the offseason mark Zuckerman Al joins us or nationals insider. -- mark I what are some of the biggest pressing issues at his ballclub is facing during the offseason as winter meetings are about to begin next week. Yet the biggest one is easily Adam LaRoche I mean here's a guy who was. Probably their team MVP this season at first -- offensively defensively silver slugger gold glove award winner he's a free agent. He wants to come back the nationals want him back is just a matter of finding the terms that are gonna make it work. He would like more than two years and asked I think are willing to give those two years it's are they willing to go with third year. And -- made -- what Boston or Baltimore Texas willing to offer -- the wrote despite the last big contract you gonna get you wanna get the best skill you can't. But he also knows that the nationals are probably his best chance to win this here so he's got to decide what makes more than most sense for so if they do not sign him now what direction could potentially -- on what was a lot different ways they can go with this and that actually have opened the -- a lot of possibilities you can move Michael Morse. From left field first base you could put Tyler Moore at first base or left field either one of those guys. More though it's unproven as a rookie last year he looked that good in the time that we song but you don't really know. Necessarily what -- gonna get in defensively you do lose a lot there so one other possibility is. To move -- Bryce Harper from center field to left field. And then now go get center fielder and too big names out there and Michael Bourn. And BJ Upton the problems you're spent a lot of money and a lot of years when either one of those guys so is that more valuable than three years have been. I'm sure both those guys that provide a lot of offensive production as well. Let's isn't the pitching side by not signing Edwin Jackson has an open spot in the rotation where does this team going to look to fill that spot. Well again there's a lot of possibilities are a whole lot of players who they could turn to. You could go big and Zack Greinke but you're talking a hundred million plus for some -- that it would given me fantastic rotation probably the best in baseball. Maybe go a little below that more of a traditional veteran guy you can get for a couple of years -- Ryan Dempster Kyle Lohse something that there are other guys further down chain. And potentially there in house options so again. A lot of ways they can go with this thing needs somebody to be that fifth starter. You you mentioned and house John -- still under their control could he be a potential right in this is the thing you know remember what happened with him last year obviously they paid in five million dollars to go to the minors he actually has another minor league options to surprise a lot of people. They could go through this again there's a deadline on Friday night. To either tender him or not tender a contract he's gonna make about five million again. It's a nice insurance policy to have but is he the guy you wanted to back to rotation I thank you very much mark Zuckerman keeping his eye on the hot stove. CSN Washington dot com.



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  2. Kyle Lohse1:56
  3. Michael Bourn1:21
  4. Ryan Dempster1:56
  5. Zack Greinke1:45
  6. Bryce Harper1:16
  7. Michael Morse0:59
  8. Edwin Jackson1:35
  9. LaRoche0:18
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