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Tue, 27 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. They -- not watch on playing I mean you're not a give credits a lot of people usually got a deftly gave a lot of credit to. As you watch him on a football -- you begin that they will he be the next great one. And did to be taken such as we're aware of muscles so I think it makes every right to reason that he's so connected in ought to their one I talked to Ray Brown while it was here. And -- would always tell me how does Dallas. In the right direction. Don't try to move and a regular struggled to a better person had a young baby girl and I always tell people are young girl you can Alan Young son. It may change a little bit -- young girl would say you tremendously. He wanted to be Iran assists are as often as you -- kid and a -- sort of good results and thinking like that is -- it. But I think you know when you look at the date he still has a connection. That many people don't break I look at the old players that watch them they looked at him because it has so much respect for so long because he played like the old school risk is the he went out there playing football I was supposed to be play you know I think when you see that you also see a man trying to grow. Everybody's is born with some type of our. I guess let down but we we we feel we got to go for it puts he was push in the right direction. They played some unbelievable ball and I make all of us to -- told you earlier he's like a a combination of a read and and you look at running Latin you know he was a play maker but he won't intimidate you also. But he will be massive number it's had to say something about it because. He can't let this pass and I think wound that our goal Twitter right around this time every year you see people push itself out -- people -- what is different emails going out. And just to see that connection I'll say he galvanized the risk of -- As good as anybody I've ever seen Bryant whether living -- passable. And she gets in Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Very a little holder with your Geico sports net central update David Johnson hosting his inaugural celebrity invitational golf tournament. Benefiting light house of Central Florida on Saturday in Orlando guests included Bryce Harper and out on the ropes the latter whom the nationals hope to re signed to man first base in 2013. Getting him really solidifies our outfield we have a great defense in the aftermath. And are we I think when the best infield in baseball and are catching course section and there was Ramos and. And Suzuki so. You know team to be recognized our whole team was. There's a more listening to probably pick up. Bonafide leadoff hitter and in the hands that guy. I think you're talking there is an afternoon has been kind of on our radar furlongs finally got a it's a huge piece you know now it's. It's come out there was going to be a first so it's it's through your if you. Mike is obviously great for him whatsoever works out it does but it's I do know that. meaning you're sort of drizzle she knows about it we're going forward Safeway international things Saturday before. I've been and put the full court press on and he's down here and I'm trying to get him in Minnesota the other I've given him a couple pins. You know society thinking let's go and they still play golf and have fun Formula One championship connection. Like the sound of that and that would do it from here in the Comcast sports net studios a little holder for more go to CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.