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Wed, 28 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. I think anybody that's been it's been the loophole recently. And I've talked to many people that have been there are some of our teams in the ACC now have played there. Over the last few years and everyone I've talked to comes back with a wow factor. In terms of the facilities. Has to fifth loop hole starting with basketball and football. And then going from there and I think that's probably had a lot to do with the quality of their programs over the last decade. --

So the ACC landscape continues to change right now the conference's twelve teams with natural rivals like UNC and Duke Virginia Virginia Tech. But take a look at what. It will look like in 2014. 34 teams from the big east migrate into the conference as Maryland leaves if you recall Miami Boston college and Virginia Tech all originally came from the conference. As well. And joining me now is our college basketball analyst Gary Williams are it's -- Gary. With Marilyn beating northwestern obviously a huge win a huge margin on the road. But as far as big name non conference teams he got northwestern in Kentucky on the schedule this year is that hurt them come tournament time.

Well I've seen it work both ways in terms of becoming a good team. By winning did you develop this confidence that. Could be anybody even know or schedule might not and have a lot of big names -- it. That confident she developed by winning usually valuable but you have to make. The NCAA tournament and I think the way they played against Kentucky big win at northwestern that'll really help them -- in the year but they're gonna have to do well in the conference also.

So Virginia Tech starts this season six and now now. And all is talking -- James Johnson is bringing in this this fast style of play and here it is it's already here. It was the coaching change pretty much all that was needed to to get the start.

Well when there's a coaching change players. Can readily accepted in another words those errors if they're disappointed by the way they played. Virginia Tech not making instantly tournament for example -- the players to support to the players coming back. There are open to whatever the next guy his output aside and his message has been good because all players like two runs. That they'd rather play a fast break game -- slow down game. So here he comes in and he says okay we're we're really run this year. For -- castaways who should be fined and really you can get players. To play above their level and he's done a great job of making that a very good team islands was considered a dark horse of the Big Ten race this year.

Telling what are your initial reaction is I guess of Louisville moving to the ACC because there was a whole bunch of turmoil what. The team know in the and you don't.

Yeah. I know both pretty well in Monica today they they said some angry things -- the big east lately being in the fall. And here they -- defender back together in the ACC but they're they're. The deal work for -- on long time ago assistant coach within their friends overall he's just this just gets in the way sometimes enough. But I think Louisville culminating that -- great basketball program I think it's a good addition for the ACC because. They have a good football program and obviously the ACC needs some help in that are in football but. Their basketball strength now is gonna be right -- than anybody. Would you have liked to see low on the ACC like your coaching -- on pure -- always enjoy those games like when Duke was number one in Carolina number one like there's games since. That's who they bring they'll they also bring rabid fans they bring a huge. Athletic department budget which is more than any other ACC team right now so it'll be interesting move -- common in their gonna try to make a big splash early. I Karrie thanks thanks -- Csnwashington.com.

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  2. Redskins Nation: Rich Tandler breaks down the Giants

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    CSN Washington dot com. All of a backwards in the nation presented by Larry Michael with you as always enjoyed each week. By rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot com does a great job blogging about the team. I'm a curve ball. Before we talk about the New York Giants it's my specialty did you know that all the teams Redskins are competing for six Dallas Minnesota Tampa New Orleans and Seattle did you know the Redskins have the easiest schedule the rest of the way. Except for the Cowboys. I said I'd. I've heard something like that which is how surprised they're they're facing next George they're facing two. First place teams but then also have to that it had a pair of three and eight teams and Browns and Eagles yeah that would make some makes so Know that of those tapes Dallas Green Bay Minnesota Tampa New Orleans Seattle there either all. Six survivor five and six did you know that all but one of those teams are road underdogs this week. No I actually ahead and look at the matchups that that carefully yet but I guess it pays to look at that stuff that that went to New Orleans at Atlanta and Minnesota at Green Bay Tampa and Denver Seattle at Chicago. All road dogs Dallas Philly. It's not the case there. But I think he's really found a place for the Redskins on Sunday with the exception of the Giants game so maybe that could have another. We don't watch out on another good Sunday wait for that for that Monday night game and then that's going to be up to them. How much do you think that game on October 21 to give the is like get away from Victor Cruz caught that they took their best. How much does that stick in the redskins' all you the locker room today. Yeah I did it and it doesn't you know that they say that you you can't look back at that and they you know that learn from an event that You know you've you've you've subtracting game from the Giants had a game the Redskins game is for first place and the Redskins were going for it to that loss. But you know I think they get to good shot that Antonio they feel like the Giants dodged a basically. There's a bigger picture too when you look at the ownership that new York and you see some of the comments made. By John this week about the penalty the Redskins were imposed. Very unfair. No rule written rules violated the league affect a ball back the salary cap muggy. And now this week we're hearing comments. From the Giants over the last but that's to buy him a big budget. Now John he was born naked in the world he had to inherit everything so and separate from sympathy for the guys here. If you hit that did so yeah head head you know John and it's it's a done deal you know just just. Shut up. I'm not trying to go to and I mean it is as bad blood there are now. Giants coming off an impressive win over Green Bay a lot of people thought that you know may be lie his arm is too 'cause arms got tired I couldn't. And it was our hearts just as the NFL's not is that Stephen Strasburg. But out. Yes you know that they did look good but the NFL is a week to week. Kind of league you know we've we've seen especially the Giants. They've been up and down they lost. Know last year I think they lost to the Saints by 251 week next week went into Dallas and one that was so you know it is just very. You know especially Energizer consistent team so what they did last week you know you don't they're favorites and deservedly so I want Monday. But what dated last week may not have a whole lot to do what they do this week. Can you recall a bigger game in December at FedEx really good cover this team for a long time and moment of on the blog all kinds of stuff you're gonna roll out later in the week. How do you put this game in context say that. Asked years I think 2007 they played the Cowboys in the season finale at FedEx Field and in a win and in scenario. Lleyton 2005. They had games against you they beat the Cowboys and the Giants to finish that. That run to get in the play especially had to go to Philadelphia on New Year's Easter to clinch the spot that trip very well yeah but that that that got to go and so. You know there have been some may have been the last five years you won't find a bit December game in this one. Final thing for your rich RG three obviously had a super year and all kinds of records up this guy. Just playing great football but there have been some people who said after the second go around with some of these teams. Don't take a look at the tape they'll realize what the Redskins are doing. And they'll catch up didn't seem to happen hasn't seemed to happen I mean so far this is the giants' second look at What do you think. Well you know this this is where we'll see if that that that's how you know they they can scheme and that can look at things but you know as a matter of being the talent. I would also be very surprised. I remember New York used a lot of lot of that that power three running backs that right they had young split out wide item is snaps. I do that again I think they're gonna you know against Europe stir things up a little bit. about and the Giants once again. Be just trying to compete and again even if they do have a good idea what they're doing and is beating RG three's physical talent you know he hard to an arm like that. It's hard to speed. It's you know it's just it's easier said than done if you figure out scheme. Redskins have been losing players want final thing Pritchard if we can squeeze it and to losing players week after week. Twelve players on injured reserve four of them are starters who do you have and the rest of this week we keep a dialogue to see if they'll be ready to play I guess one of yeah. He's he's really the guy and especially with the with his back up Keenan Robinson haven't gone into reserve. That becomes a look a little more important but I know we talked Mike Shanahan on Monday. And he said hey you know he's stopped really doubting they did that the guys can be out there. Yeah I think you wanna make a battle whether plays and when I of I think it's okay. Appreciate rich Taylor will check about it CSN Washington dot com and the fan of form coming up next on CSN Washington dot com.

  3. SportsTalk Live: Win a relief for the Wizards?

    Wed, 28 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. As it is in a way has won their first game tonight. to give credit where credit is due duck walk around 2 o'clock today it's into the wind the night. I'll let you are reveling. Well it's a relief no doubt about it now and especially for Steve Bobcats. For the legendary number 45 shouldn't here for the voice Ralph Wesley. Of course our very own staff here at Comcast sports net struggling with his use as some things about the only Today that I hope you will apologized to mass tomorrow recovered on the show. Team asked Ron Thompson. This one for you is well why I was put him and now we have been at this this losing streak is over they won game I'm happy about that. But I also the site don't you up fifty points in the fourth pretty and we can't look at it one. I want to okay. felt good break it's much the put a good twelve. Slept on a bracelet that well maybe not a big part of baseball not a big what do we can sing in the shower overnight because that's a bit this. Gotten uglier can cover it could happen. There won't know there are reports that are the opponent. Was celebrating a birthday party or two of until we dollars good for them. You know wanted to nail biter but I'm all for positive great win GS in Washington dot com.

  4. GEICO SportsNet Central Update Michael Jenkins

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    CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central updates. Over what Michael tickets in the Comcast sports net studios with your Geico sports net central update. And break up the Wizards. Third quarter against the Blazers last night was up to America Okafor played some good defense and on the brakes Kevin Seraphin gets the bucket on the other ran. Washington holds on put 8482. Victory. Against four. Measure Geico sports net central update Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.