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Casserly talks about the Redskins chances vs. New York



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Thu, 29 Nov 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Okay so Charlie in the first matchup between the skins in the Giants RG three was really effective obviously in a loss. But what pitfalls now does -- have to avoid in the second meaning. Yeah I think is a couple things first of all. He's gonna have to have some adjustments and he'll make during the course of the game as the Giants are gonna change some things up the Giants have a stop the option in his -- got to defend the option. The next thing is a Giants pass rush really did well last Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers so. He might be under more pressure the key there is. Don't make a dumb mistake don't force the ball in coverage he's done a great job of protecting the ball and not beating himself and the Redskins -- place. So do you offensively what are the skins have to do to avoid a let down this time. Well first of all this home game Monday night national television become -- two big wins he can't assume that you gonna have a let down here because you shouldn't however. Go look at that -- tape from the other night food Giants ran the ball Brett chill was a different back then he has been he was rested he was more physical they gave the running game that gave Eli -- chance. To make plays without being under pressure so. The right off the back who watched that packer game that'll that'll get your attention. CSN Washington dot com.

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