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I'm three now are always covering the three hottest topics of the week but this -- guys I think it's safe to say it is Giants Giants Giants. And of course really the guys how -- And yeah. LA and Allan -- and rich -- guys let's talk about that the Johansson Redskins match -- they seem RG three for the second time do you think. They're -- I'm Tim -- we'll start with you that well I.

I mean there's certainly there are going to be adjustments for both teams and in the Giants now not only have to you know ten games of video to study that you are eleven games they've also faced him one time on the deal that said I I think the one thing -- I think we're gonna see adjustments there and do a better job of stopping him when he gets outside the pocket and tries to run. If there are a number of plays where he improvised and -- retirement earlier Tony yarder on down the sideline and seems almost ninety yards on the ground that game I don't think there let him. Did -- march on in the run game.

First thought when it comes down to it he's -- being he's got our strength he has yet Smart. You know those are the things that you really can't scheme against yelling whenever the Giants try to counter with. Cal Cheney and then game and they came out there in the meadowlands Redskins ran a lot and Jerome Young was out and ride it out why Seattle Houston doesn't place it's not that powerhouse backfield.

They could see an entirely different like they don't know what they're gonna see that it charge said they get ten game to game film.

They had ten different games almost -- I think adding it will be will be hard you know there's -- and they'll just all just back. -- for halftime adjustments slippers series to series played a play adjustments for each side to tried to stay one step at a the other.

The heat and the one thing on the report here -- did not play and they gave up there so you know that's a big addition that's another dimension that the Giants are gonna have to account for in this game so you know he played very very -- to -- there in Dallas though. You know that's -- just -- to make.

Through it now the first around the Redskins could easily walked away with the W you just mentioned that edition I'm Carson on the Redskins are five and six. Dare I say -- you guys think that means either a little bit better at the end what their record suggests -- yeah I you know I.

I think they are you know I mean -- as Bill Parcells famously said -- Giants coach you are yet you are what your record says you are. There -- 516. Value we can we just talking. They could've beaten Giants they could -- loss to the bucks and you know I mean it all in all kind of tends to even out but I think right now they're playing better then you might think of time in sixteen does. -- put up over and well over thirty points each of the last ten games this. You know they've they've been doing a better job defensively even on the second half against Dallas came a little bit of a scare there. But I'm just no I don't yeah I I think they are playing better though I think they're starting to find again not closed down with Pierre Garcon coming back. The -- pieces together. There they're playing they're playing better than five to sixteen.

That's. Part of you know I I think the one X-Factor I think any athlete in any sport will tell you. Is confidence and right now the Redskins are playing with confidence as -- are senator osu a day when when the team was playing with Tom -- faster playing loose. And the ball just seems to bounce your way and we're starting to see that you know. He pointed out a couple of plays in the Cowboys games that he said. Three weeks ago Dez Bryant would've caught that ball in the back of the end zone early in the first quarter. Against the Cowboys. -- puts his helmet right on the ball and it comes out -- he right now there's an abundance of confidence and I think that's one thing that the Redskins have. And they did not have an early on this season.

you guys just mentioned confidence maybe limiting turnovers. You know I think that Victor Cruz's probably still punt team their Redskins and their dreams what do you guys think is. Are few keys to victory dark we'll go back you.

Well you know one thing one constant this season has been when the Redskins played well from there in games. When they're winning games they're taking the ball away from the other team's offense -- defense is getting and interceptions are forcing fumbles we saw down there in Dallas how -- how key -- in London Fletcher kills a driver big time interception. Josh Wilson forces a fumble early on that big gets you know gets momentum going in their direction. With the two games -- defense to not force a single take up take away our was the Pittsburgh game in the Phantoms came -- to the -- losses of the season so. That's certainly one of the keys to the --

Yeah I think I just don't stop saying I came nicks is one thing he was not very healthy for the first time they met. He sees your batting uniform second excellent Lewis needs to yeah hurried and.

I'm then the other side of the turner were there though it does take away -- is turnovers -- just have ten terms turnovers -- season. Four of them came in one half of football. Did MetLife stadium about a month ago so you know that's then and it it didn't kill and I met him period do you have any -- and the ball.

They're very good chance of scoring a mutual we're not you know nothing turnovers there in the Redskins are driving for scores.

You just can't just tell him he can't go on the road and internal report on you can't turn over four times at home and expect to -- so.

I think as well as getting a few takeaways hang onto the ball.

And it didn't telltale.

more attention on you the buzz word around the skins all season has been big plays big plays for big plays against. And if you look at the past few games the Redskins have been scoring on big plays are -- had a couple long touchdown. Receptions absolutely Karstens had one masses had one they're finally starting to open up a little bit and something Kyle Shanahan Jose that I found very -- once you start hitting almost as consistently as our opening up other areas opened it opens up some routes underneath it opens up the running game a little bit so I mean the Giants clearly. -- are are you realize that the Redskins are deep threat maybe they'll have to back up a little bit that opened things around for Morris.

Well guys it sounds like the Redskins the key to victory is the rescue themselves or they can be their own. Worst enemy only time will tell you BC keep it locked on CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage.

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