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Father John predicts Monday's Redskins-Giants game



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Fri, 30 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I -- father John answer on the presidency of -- through Washington DC in this -- really -- these. I am once again predicting the Redskins will be the Giants this week in the big game on Monday night why. Because -- RG three. RG three is the man can you can you -- -- wrong with a great gift to the young man. -- confidence. Who has -- -- to beat them both systems quick stats for the ball well runs well. RG three is too -- the Giants didn't win this game this week. I'm not sure what right all the time this year but this I think I'm right RG three Redskins the Giants 2720. Now -- type -- -- season -- pretty soon here in the Washington area which means that maybe are people you coach so we've had a -- every -- justice because it. We have 3000 coach -- -- give us a -- more to come to coupled with coach policing the our website but also. Number of people pretty soon be out in the cold the third season means that the people rather -- -- -- final places today. During this winter season let's make sure there was in the streets of Washington this year in the cold. Because of the difficulty of trying to go to places that. If you wanted to -- backup Jerious about a coat drive about a foot Burmese season. Our website is cafeteria DC dot org please check this out meantime god bless you. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.