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Mike Shanahan Exclusive: 'He'll be special for years'



CSN Washington dot com. Mike Shanahan exclusive. Is brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers. My coach Robert continues to amaze he's thrown. Four touchdowns and back to back games -- -- quarterback ratings through the roof he's setting seemingly every record for Redskins rookie quarterback driving the number that jumps out at me. It's just the six turnovers we Drew Brees had five interceptions in the Thursday night game is that the number you look at lingo. He's not turning the ball over in that crucial thing. Wanted to try to do you know from the first day you know you go to camp can talk your offense defense and special teams amount -- turnover ratio. Because at the end of the year usually dictate who's this horrible -- who's in the playoffs and yes I think it's just that and everybody uses because it's so important is it surprising though is a rookie then that -- the wherewithal to not trying to force something. And they end up of turn over. Yeah there's no question about it for him to have four receptions for as many throws and obviously -- me and some very difficult situations that shows you how mature he is on you know how much you want to protect the football. They go up against a Giants team that not only has seen him on tape but -- actually played against Jessica a pitcher going through a lineup that second time around so much tougher. Any concern that they now know what you can do firsthand and they can adapt that. Well I think most for both teams couldn't adapt to it you know we know them they know Wallace. I think what they do get a better feel for is a guy should be. And -- that's probably a big difference from the first game in the second game to -- this of those guys faster than we thought it was. Put me on the usually get a good feel -- offensive system. How were able and doing a number of things could say just pick up things very quickly to us but -- Robertson that if he. Don't vote for the rookie offensive player of the year different Alfred Morris eighteen yards away from 1000 yarder to -- the first thousand yard rushers and you've been here. That we. Is it in a unique back if you've got visit the continuity that offensive line has stayed healthy what has led to his success color of money. I mean you don't you know you don't have a successful running game. What's your offensive line takes a lot of pride in what they're doing your tight end your wide receiver. Your whole life to where the quarterback takes after his hands off to everybody's part of the running game but Belfort is a very unique back he is a he's special to be special for her number yours she -- in Washington dot com.



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