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Redskins Nation: Tarik El Bashir on the 'confidence' factor



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Fri, 30 Nov 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back Redskins nation presented by prospect up on Larry Michael Jordan. Each week at this time but tar heel this year -- the pick figures. You feel the pressure. Can hear your footsteps on closing that they're gonna wow her back. Louder than the fact I'm getting a little unnerved or here at the scoreboard here is where we stand right now with five weeks to go in the season. They could see it 116 and a half wins for yours truly one's seventeen point 50 that guard Rams I just wrote us off after I got a those numbers one game back with five weeks ago so last night. Thursday night it would have been. I wouldn't -- that. You yeah you know I -- I envisioned -- thrown so many interceptions on -- and B yeah I I would going to Atlanta best team your Israel last week is -- pick up -- focused and we won't what you forget that back. Aren't all the Sunday games Jacksonville at Buffalo and obviously Jacksonville now has Jason Babin was good they'll do them I don't know. Bruise that dog I don't go to Buffalo I'll think Buffalo as well I mean bills are coming in fighting right now baucus of LaMont. Two playoff possible teams on the Chicago got the better record their host Seattle Seattle team that the red. -- -- up six at five right now in. Looking back that game that was stolen from Green Bay earlier in the year is kind of coming back now -- absolutely absolutely but I'm gonna go with. Cutler and I like the players you know like the way they're playing them go Chicago. -- Chicago to Indianapolis at Detroit now a lot of attention being paid to a dominance -- did you think he intentionally try to kick a match knowledge I'll break their work hurts the most. -- I thought the reverse single made it look like he did try to get a little jab there with his cleats and -- which got to look at the of the history of the guys I mean. Is he plays with an edge is probably the politically correct and kept putting it to guess I did think he he tried to get him I think the league did too so who is this yeah. Go to Andrew Luck I I think he's gonna get it on the road he's been really good at home but I think he's he's -- take that next up and get a big one on the road. Take an -- right that's where I talked to -- right there aren't except. Minnesota at Green Bay Minnesota to the Redskins are kind of jockeying with the Redskins beat Minnesota earlier this year right at that time they got the tiebreaker but he liked their agreements -- -- -- and show. It is but you know what -- Rodgers too good a quarterback to have two bad games. I'm gonna go pack I think in the back to Carolina Kansas City that's tough when Carolina actually coming off a win yeah. You know arm I would put cam Newton's been playing you got off to a slow start I think he's played I played well last week. Watch that game a moment ago with Carolina on the road. I am too because Kansas City just is a better zero in New England at my -- into and let's put up huge numbers again I think they're gonna do it again on Sunday. I agree I I -- I never bet against Tom Brady and just now with the way he's -- -- where we're together that -- is at the Jets law. Well the Jets are capable of losing to just about anyone but I mean Arizona hasn't won in like two straight. It's been a while -- and scratched and -- they have fall apart yet so I'm gonna go with. The Jets think in the Jets and hold up before we pick Sampras Cisco at Saint Louis quick comment Kyle Paula Capra nick. Get that starting job Alex Smith gets benched. And usually here guide us to get benched because of an injury had a concussion cavern it sure looks good as the quarterback -- factors. -- tremendously. -- -- -- that the greatest head what they can't get out there but is Harbaugh making the right call here. You know I think he's looking down the road is looking at the future I mean let's be honest -- isn't -- of slightly above average quarterback. Cavern it looks like he could become a star at some point now the one concern I have though is if you're gonna start benching players -- cautions. Players or are losing their jobs working cautions. What's to say that they're not gonna start you know maybe -- a little bit how their -- other feeling on the sideline and then that whole concussion issue gets divorced I don't have been doing it for years anyway but it's like more incentive to lie about tiger and it's -- and after a big hit right. Yeah I mean all doubt you're right I thought about that and the other thing you know I'm thinking -- what -- jeopardy goes down and Smith asked to play yesterday you want to go back. Yeah you can't go back to that well I think he kind of lost him -- that you -- outs are about the epic its emphasis effortless yet but I could. -- the Tennessee here's a could be the best in the National Football League jobs have a great year and Witasick got a great defense as well you know that you used in there going with Houston as well -- -- of the cigarettes is jockeying with at Denver -- pulling for Peyton Manning in the slot taken number. You know obviously well -- playing well and Tampa Bay. On as one of the reasons that lost some ground -- last -- on them with them I don't. Look at Baltimore at all they don't lose at home. I don't think my mind would change even if Roethlisberger would play I still people. I protocol Baltimore anyway but you know -- with the questions about -- -- it's a no -- Cleveland at Oakland -- dog -- to the dark holes -- I go to Cleveland I I got because -- going to my analytics and Matt when that's just that's kind of a gut feel there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think it's that -- go to home and go normal cool Philadelphia Dallas -- I would never do this but competition is competition. I got to take Ellis called off you just -- in it and you're selling out that Redskins nation thought it just is that it could come up. Area and -- -- him. OK Washington Post and the Giants and coming up on Mondays edition of Redskins nation you'll -- or you'll hear me check out. How this game won't -- level picked the Redskins he -- circle Redskins right there whats say you. And go with the Redskins as well over I IE you know I think I mentioned this before. As a reporter what you want as you want drama you want games that matter so in the always unsure of myself here you know yes I mean it it makes the rest of it makes the next two weeks very interesting if the Redskins went. And you know what I don't think there's any reason they can't win this game they're playing outstanding right now and you know one thing about. Football and actually pro sports in general once that confidence gets flowing you start playing fast start playing loose. Brakes start to go your way to start to see that with this team right now that they've got something that's something brewing and those are just receptive. CSN Washington dot com.

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