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Kyle Shanahan: "We know it's going to be a tough game"



CSN Washington dot com. Obviously. Trust and confidence is such a big part in football probably overlooked how big that is the last few weeks we've seen all -- make plays deep -- peered over the middle make a play. Santana makes a play how much of the diversity of this offense right now is you trusting Robert to make the right reads and he's now trusting his playmakers to make plays. Are canceled and have everything I mean we've been pretty mr. in the same offense all year which got it just -- -- give different looks. You face different coverages each week seemed to get two different concepts and those game plans but I mean their receivers are really set the big the last couple weeks have done a good job all year -- -- take another level versatility and then again -- Allison hopefully they continue to get better. Robert this week said that there are times now when he knows the play it's coming as you get into his headset just. Did down the distance the time in the game how much further along as he now how much does that open your creativity when you know he's on that same page. I can't helps a lot I mean the more reps you get with each other more you see each other more we can help each other and Tom get a better understanding how he sees there's certain things and how I see certain things you know I mean you never know until you get those -- and the more revolves more experience he gets more experience idea with them and running some of these things haven't done -- My whole career I think the better we all get. May go up against the Giants team that obviously not just seeing Robert on tape -- played him psyched a pitcher going to line up for second time how much of a concern is. They know how good he is and what he does they're able adapt to it. I mean they're they're great team and you know I think -- -- with a couple things early in the game -- mean you could see in that image just a quick and they got us on a lot of that stuff in the second half and you know move the ball well but you know then making plays itself we have four turnovers and -- or not -- council had an opportunity so we know it's going to be a tough game there always is against them but. We're excited to get to Monday. CSN Washington dot com.


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