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Mon, 3 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. A guy -- sports net central -- today. Ever reading a cold -- in your -- your Geico sports net central update the Redskins and the Giants square off tonight. A Monday Night Football on Robert Griffin the third is comparing it to the last game you played on the big stage. It's on everyone's watching and it's similar to the Thanksgiving game except it's at night and to be really cold. And you know from there were -- so we got to play in the -- we got to play in primetime television. Look forward to a good and you try not to make it. Two big don't make any moment to Dixie can't season. No doubt about it it's going to be cold and that's gonna be -- here from the Comcast sports net studios I'm Nicole -- CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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