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  1. Monday Night Football1:14
  2. Cowboys1:18, 3:02
  3. Eagles1:17, 3:02
  4. Giants1:20, 1:49, 3:03
  5. Patriot2:22
  6. dead bodies0:05
  7. post season3:15
  8. nationally televised0:56
  9. hot hand2:45
Tue, 4 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. How to how to sort thought for waves dead bodies good ago. In the game and post game rob -- drop yet chick I watched them all during warm ups seem to be limping. Brett for the game Saddam and keep -- -- him first few plays you were downfield blocking you did not look like you're hurting what was your pain level and during the games. It was extremely -- it was definitely wasn't either play. Honest type injury and off I talked to many doctors and they said there will be at least until we hit them process work. You know this game is shorter season basically so I couldn't miss -- -- -- -- still intact I'm -- You talked about it during the week your maturity level from last year this time to now. Your captain this team how important is to not just get out there but to play Trent. Once definitely if I struggle I've done. I have to play at a high level you know we're plan against opponents that they don't care was -- knowing you may try to embarrass you this is a nationally televised game. You know they wanna they wanna embarrass -- they -- her Robert you know only he. He's dynamic you know rookie dynamic quarterbacks so I had to be. And my highest level of Obama matter how much time now so yeah. You talk about a national TV game Monday Night Football coming off a national TV game. Eagles Cowboys. And in tonight against the Giants how big is the stretch for your season. It's huge you know this is our season and we don't perform well here you know we we can kiss it -- And that does not all we want to do we we were so hard in the off season you know we're we're trying to roast in a moment and you know we definitely had to do there we still have before far more weeks ago and we definitely haven't haven't. We haven't accomplished anything yet we just 66 bought the arm you know we still have a long way to go. How important was it for the team doesn't look the first half it felt like the Giants were dominating if you look up it was a close game how important was it for you guys to keep it close that first half the maybe weren't playing your best football. You know we thought we played okay -- they did a great job keeping us on the bench you know. We info like they can stop those doubles on the way to make it'd make amend that I progress was keep us on the sidelines and they did a good government we had a -- -- -- -- Ahead it's 11 minute you know but. We just say an appetite and we did we have to take your manager haven't and we did so for the most part. He did you gotta question the big man a Patriot this environment to man the regulations on the where you say you won't let rub rub it back -- -- But -- yeah a lot of good. Yeah I. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Romo -- not my -- and we'll let you make -- -- but this is. -- a hot hand that I about it. -- I don't know it just moved it to must -- You know like Greg it's too much -- too much you -- really to think about right now with a whole different got a job. When -- -- -- show up yeah where where is Doug properly I thought Eagles Cowboys and Giants go down to you guys by the way as to what kind of role of this right now. It's just the three game three -- when history. We need you need to win a few more against the you'd be considered in the post season so you know we haven't done anything yet it was they got a good read above mornings we. We'll take care of the five by yourself enough that I payroll in this week. I appreciate you guys have been built that way and ZS in Washington dot com.

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