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Darrel Young, Redskins don't falter under pressure



CSN Washington dot com. Are you -- come in all the hype all the pressure. Joseph Gibbs is here Brees who drove the former caps coaches here grinds -- weren't in the match is here Giants are here and you play. Really solid game from -- now how big was this way. First offers we do it comes time to -- the but this is the big going you know as the nets went in our division. Next February wanna be. You know like you say we're not gonna it's not pressure just because we're going out that just exudes confidence. Do the things that we know we can do -- out to hype us up and say I'll let you know all that stuff so. -- you say it was not about them play what we know how to do it was -- has been preaching in the way we've been practicing you know that's what we wanna do. Like you said it's a job to do everything else -- When we take care of that plenty of -- and what what has changed though. From the pie when it seemed like you hit the low for this season to now where you're seemingly high load gone gone back in the standings words. He said that first half of the season is over that's how I took and came back from break it's at the same thing. We want everyone -- Sam -- Put guys out on the line means you wanna play you -- execute and that's -- it that's just it's a band of Brothers would find out who we know we have the foundation we have. You know gas and that's when it's in team who've been in the works. Now we want to experience you know the best we wanna -- Super Bowl watching the due to our estimation you know about 71 -- when game time. We're not talking about anything else we got game no prep for a Baltimore. You know enjoys when I come in tomorrow watch the film. You ready you know face the Baltimore team was great at -- tonight to become a velocity got to you know try to make it to us in a -- Foreman to execute. This team -- so much more dynamic -- years on the field and make plays what kind of difference does he make these guys up front the reason why they brought him here. You know I think he's making plays that he was expected to make the whole time and -- -- was out guys we know we won some games I stepped up to it. Having him you know other teams it -- of going deep you know run short routes and -- you might have saved over Thomas before next safety might be in the box is because of the lack of respect I think like city. He's electrifying brings big -- office as -- -- and don't execute and finish you know as it does make some good plays out is making good runs are allies excuse. I said I'm excited you know this is this the next step -- wanna be. I know during the week he's that you're very little to do with out for success but. Over a hundred again today over a thousand in his rookie season what he meant to this team. Some special I mean we have had a thousand arrests since I've been you know fullback. So like you said some special and he's done a great job. Theo wants to learn he wants to get better I think any time in a situation yes Gosselin and he's just you know description surface I mean. We thought were both out there doing a lot of things that you know young guys doing -- so hopefully you know we'll grow from here. Not running back coach has not experienced coach and rookies and -- -- guys get to the next level and do things you know better and -- like he -- Shanahan has a history of rookie backs know having a lot of success. Wanna continue that you know everyone talks about playing meaningful games in the month of December how much fun is this. It's big man yesterday you know be to be 66 and evidence statistics you know as a risking. Is big you know like you say it is only one team happening and so right now doesn't matter notice when matters like say with during one division. Wanna go back off the Baltimore and Cleveland that more finesse of -- when -- You know went out the rest of season that's article on this which I've accomplished Baltimore isn't you know the way of what we wanna do so. That's our best luck next week I appreciated how she lifted Washington dot com.



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