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Tue, 4 Dec 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. I'm I've had the film before Baylor but. You know to do it in the -- so you know how the fans. All behind you not just the quarterback -- behind the team you know a lot of excitement surrounding this team and I think everybody feels it you know we knew the atmosphere is going to be real. Really charged. Really electric and the fans definitely shown a persona for us so it was great that we get the -- form. Was that a fumble play tomorrow without working in practice all week is that why you pull it and we didn't run it in practice of the wanted to -- for the games. I just knew that he is going to be either before and decide to make sure I grabbed -- Gosling goes our next -- they wouldn't wouldn't get -- -- but just a good job making sure that he was inspired me to be. Rob Robert did you think of a better way. Had your first Monday Night Football game is the batter et Al come. -- now the outcome was the one that's what you want stats really don't mean anything you know early in the game in hand the ball very much good. We won the game we made the play as an -- and we we we held -- to the ball only needed to there at the end. Bunting goes so still the victory in. Now can be more -- us. Robert can't continue to win the last game ended with a line and the pass to Cruz and how badly did you want to keep them off the field analyst form. I'm I really think about it. You know my number one most of on the shows don't get points so -- of course I wanted to go score with. We knew we needed just a couple first downs to finish a game and that's -- got so. You know. If there was more time and -- -- try to go get points did get 730. And an in the game that way so you know I really don't think about it. Robert a month ago -- you -- standing here talking after a loss to Carolina at home. What he thinks maybe different since that up with a point one or two things. Does something as the months he's a monster in the team each individual you have to go out and dominate your position. If every guy on your team dumbest thing on front room or numbness guys Wilson dominate and you should never lose. And I think that's in the Gaza don't know they're going out on every play trying to dominating on front of him. And that's helping us when you know we know that our backs are against the wall and even though we won tonight. Our backs are still against enormous attitude we have to have. Barry Cofield said that in the locker room afterwards you know the guys and our locker room know we've been through. Know how hard it was how hard we worked and then you start the season 36 and now we're at because of that our work and actually I don't. -- on the fumble play -- used to do it any -- be able to hit the ball. Toward Josh in that situation or did you did you anyway do that are -- Well we've we've already gone through this the pitch to Josh and I knew he is going to be there so. On the stay with that story. Pointed out two different times and when he does that -- generally pretty pleased that you had heads to stay inbounds and that Foreman an offense on that first. Damn right you just talk about. You know you took the hit just having that field awareness staying in bounds even though he took the. The end and I can feel the typewriters ruined when I took that hit people it's and a run too much go to. Is until we had talked about this few weeks ago just when this the clock stops when it doesn't stop. And you know I knew we were under four minutes so I had to stay in bounds. I just kind of got a little stuck there on the sideline because I was beeline towards the sideline at the last last second realized and even stay in. So coach called the guy on the hit because my legs -- Like Gandhi and you know as it was -- you know take those for the teams and Tom. The guys -- in the -- asking if I was okay before called the play hematoma was. The get him doing. What's what's changed for you and what you're able to do offensively with course -- back in the lineup. -- I think it's this attitude that he brings them again. You know he plays fearless. You know Nolan and tell you otherwise he he plays fearless he just has a certain attitude nothing it brings more attitude to the group. When they see him go across the middle snatch a ball it felt like -- across most knowledgeable. Not each receiver. He's taken the the limited reps are limited attempts that they did that passes and making plays and making them their really big plays so anchors and doesn't get from all night. And he catches the slant. That's that's a big force in that situation so no -- -- here there and it helps our rotation. And he's also be our guy and he's playing like it. Robert UN I offered it kind of in the Al rookie to headed monster in the back field there can you talk about how you guys have energized this team and and your contributions of the success. Com. Some are not to take any credit drought for success. Aside from left him with them in the offseason -- maybe get a little bit more stronger but. He he's he's done a lot of great things for us you know we say it looks like he's out there playing Peewee football he just won't go down. -- he plays every play like it's his lesson and that's who love the bottom but. You know doesn't look forward to playing with him for many years you know we got -- probably reduce his carries measures to continue to play for an extended period of time but. This year he's been big for us and you know I love the you know that he's on our team until people if I don't vote for rookie of the year I would vote for him. Robby you said in the offseason that whichever team -- he wanted to lead them to more wins and they had the year before you've done that now with six wins. I was -- feel to finally comes when your goals and you're here. Army and in this feels good you know belief we got more goals that we wanna accomplish so. Yeah you can you can put a check -- -- but you know there's a lot more goals that this team is is this stretch and foreign and striving for and I know we can definitely achieve. Robert you talk about that drive twelve plays 86 yards you cap it off -- touchdown -- just the mindset and when you feel on their down six go to go and you know. Going to feel. Yeah just -- score mom. We knew I told the guys go to the field. You know in the first half we didn't have very many opportunities to make plays you know the -- job that we did have was extremely quick. And they held the ball for a long time so every time -- got the ball we had to make the most of it didn't matter what the situation was whether -- holding or a penalty -- all we had to go score. And the guys took that to heart when we've put together a great hopefully drums. And capped it off with a touchdown which ended up -- again intestines so I was probably just. You know. With the Monday night game did you watch Andrew Luck yesterday. Not try not to watch Phil -- book. -- much order was was blown up with what happened. You know object of the game tracker -- and so you know they won. Late in the game and I think it's just it's it's great that all the rookie quarterbacks. And to come out this year are playing at an extremely high level. You know when the stats supported and not there's a lot of guys out there playing really really well and we're doing what everybody said we couldn't do. Come in and be successful in the league right away. And the Eagles are running backs as well with trends in -- like Alfred just playing well. Now high level early on when I -- almost say your rookie -- not supposed to do that and I think that fuels. I know fuels our team and it probably feels their team as well. -- how do you explain the difference between this team before the -- And this team after the -- And I can't say it enough times just the mindset of the team -- -- when you when you walk onto the field on you do you feel like okay well we can let this one slip away because we got. Fourteen games on the road or do you feel like our in his only game we have because if we lose this game our season's gone. So that's the way the Gaza have taken their mindset their approach to the game and I think guys that are you know. Study and hearted mention are playing harder and you see I see it in practice on a -- massive but I see him practice and makes a big difference song and a CSN Washington dot com.

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