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A strong running game and defense key in win over Giants



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Tue, 4 Dec 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. The start today. Throughout the into the game and if it wasn't him just like that last highlight it was number 46 Alfred Morris. The Redskins ran for over 200 yards again today tonight against the Giants. Second time this year they've gone over to bills against the defending Super Bowl champs. The last time they ran for over 200 yards. Against one team twice in the same season was 1985. Again the then. Against the then St. Louis Cardinals that's back when George Rogers and John Riggins for tote the rock. Late in the game. After the fumble from Alfred Morris he still ran the ball of the twelve times for 64. Yards then after the two minute warning. Everyone in the stadium knew marshes and we get it they give him three straight times and the Giants could not stop them. Yeah -- on the Alf was one leave you rested mentally and he's gonna get you are about to contact and we know we ought to meet their yards. The bomb on anybody -- his fourth season. Proved once and I feel great you know Silverado come out and coaches and team develop trust in me. So the with the ball in my hands and I was looking down the and now early in the game what a fumble had a turnover I think a few points off that. So -- laughed at us now we are one and then I was either get it done at the end. He's done a lot of great things for us you know we say it looks like he's out there playing Peewee football he just won't go down -- people is everybody like it's his last and that's who -- the bottom it. You know it doesn't look forward to playing with him for many years. -- the Redskins trailed thirteen ten at the half with a deficit felt much larger the Giants controlled the clock -- Keep the ball over twenty minutes racking up 274. Yards converting eight to gain on third down. With the second half. The defense that strong a different story is they allowed 217. Yards and one of five on third downs. You know front I think we've just got to turn it loose Pacific rim a little bit. One to control the first of all innocent -- the this offense relies on. -- this the most optimal distance. -- -- just just playing our game and disruption of it and some didn't do that it was a good thing. Everybody I mean if this system you know. Now let it now that'd be on -- we when somebody every time we came out there when they played it. You -- that made plays -- you know we have. You know -- give them easy looks there we got back in now. We knew as a defense and had a good off the phils and get the ball back to our offense you know that's me defense is this year that was labeled good you know just completely settle for the all of them. So we felt like movement or our plays on defense and you know have -- some guys get more please post your game person. Give a lot of credit to that Redskins defense even in that first half long drive but the Giants. But they allowed just field goals not touchdowns Barry Cofield told me on post game live. That was the difference between winning and losing couple interesting Nuggets here from the Redskins on Monday Night Football first -- Monday Night Football win. Their last eleven games dating back in 1997. Against the Cowboys. First on the beat the Giants on Monday Night Football since the famous Joe's ties -- game when Lawrence Taylor broke his leg. The Redskins can't celebrate too much though short work week in the battle of the beltway is on Sunday right here when they take on the nine and three Ravens Greg. CSN Washington dot com.

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