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Shanahan reacts to Cedric Griffin's suspension


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CSN Washington dot com. I coached we take the good with the bad the the first the bad you know me. Right out of the gate today's news Cedric Griffin suspended for four games for you the use of performance enhancing drugs. You lose a guy who was playing pretty well out as the head coach react that is. That's tough for us Cedric is a great guy who has talked. About what happen. -- self and you lose good football where good person. A person -- state. Yet and you can't go and what you told him but what does -- how do you approach a guy who obviously is is made a mistake. Every situation is different so little bit more sense. You do right. See CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Welcome to injury 411 present it I AAA I'm Jennifer Williams alongside our Ravens insider gene Michael and our Redskins insider. Let's talk Q. b.s RT three vs Joseph Flacco who has the potential. To join an elite class of signal callers. Well I'm gonna say Joseph Flacco for obvious reasons to have to AFC title games in the past four years for the Baltimore Ravens. He doesn't play well on the road we all noticed he absolutely. Under performs less than 60% passing. Completion percentage on the road. His touchdowns are very high on the road those much more interceptions which you know what he gets the job done they're four and two he's a proven guy. I'm taking Joseph Flacco. You know I'm not out yet Joseph Flacco is a fine quarterback I don't think anyone will argue with that you just had a very strong case for him. But we're talking about game were talking about a guy who can beat you with his legs he can beat you with his he can his arm. It's RG three. And if we're talking about a player that you wanna build a franchise around and that's pretty much where the Redskins are right now they are they are rebuild rebuilding franchise. You want a player like Robert Griffin the third. And you know what the one they will stand up to me. As a rookie he is not his jerseys already been number one selling Jersey in the league are ready. You know my ten year old daughter has asked before and RG three that just means you know what it's a fashion statement now he has crossed over so he has he has the potential to do some really special Washington. It right 300 yards and a touchdown vs the Cowboys on Thanksgiving you're gonna back back to back for our touchdown games I mean unbelievable. Well guys I wish we had more time but we don't think you so much for swinging I think you for watching. It's just so you don't forget this is Redskins Ravens for one wind presented by triple and. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Welcome to Redskins Ravens 411 prevent it by AAA I'm Jennifer Williams. Well on are Ravens insider Jay and Michael in over there we have our Redskins insider it's hard outlets here guys. Today we're talking and all about the. Well when it comes to defense that's what the Ravens known for now. Granted they haven't played that well this year overall but the defense is not only get better they make plays so you know you have a team that's number one in red zone defense. They don't they allow less than twenty points a game in the month of November when he went for that have a lot to do with the defense because offense underperformed. Hands down. Baltimore Ravens you have to agree with me All right it's Smart I I am gonna agree you I mean I think anyone who's watched the Redskins this season knows that the weakness is to defense up front since they lost Adam Carriker and Brian they've really struggled to get pressure on quarterbacks. The secondary is really really atrocious I mean there's no other way to put it there there's allowing big play after big play. And I just don't see any way they're going to be able to stop. A quarterback like Joseph Flacco who's just you know systematic methodical he's gonna go his check downs he's gonna make plays. By the Ravens defense wins this part of the matchup. what I was gonna say you know I'm very yeah. I Andrea a little too early a couple guys thanks for stopping by thank you for watching. This was Redskins Ravens 411 presented by triple play. Csnwashington.com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Welcome to Ravens and Redskins 411 presented by AAA I'm Jennifer Williams. Alongside our Ravens insider. Guys let's talk about potential which organization. Has a brighter future. I think it's hands down the Ravens because even the rule book Washington Redskins have. RG three Alfred Morris who really good it's two really good rookies you have to look at the Ravens in their skill positions. They have a young players Torrey Smith the receiver second year Joseph Flacco Ray Rice fifty year even on the defensive side of the ball you got to know Jameel McClain guys who have gotten. A lot more playing time a lot more attention since Ray Lewis is injury so I'm gonna go at the Baltimore Ravens. They're young but they're also season. Mark you go with the Ravens on every single La boy what's going on now I you know I I gotta go with the Redskins and simply it's it's Robert Griffin the third. I mean here's a player who. Is just a transcendent player I mean he is. Potentially an MVP candidate as a rookie. I mean that's almost unheard of they get Alpert up here are so on they got dodge Josh Morgan they got a ton of players 26 years and younger. On the end. But it all comes back to Robert Griffin the third and you know and I look at the Ravens the Ravens have been known for years as a defense first team and you guys agree Lewis and Ed Reed how much longer they going to be around I feel it their defense is its aging and on the decline. Defense is actually get better we'll get back to that. I bet Arlington. That all the time we have for today I think so much for stopping by I think for a think Redskins Ravens 411 presented by AAA. Csnwashington.com.