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Can RG3 convert LeBron James to a Redskins fan?



  1. Terrell Suggs0:50
  2. Jason Giambi1:14
  3. LeBron James0:33
  4. Ravens1:37
  5. Cowboys0:34
  6. Verizon0:05
  7. Giants0:04
Tue, 4 Dec 2012|


CSN Washington dot com -- win over the New York Giants -- -- to the Verizon. Glad to be here glad it's a little more prone to Johnson yeah they're playing well with you in the building. Last night's win just how important was it for you guys obviously on the national stage. Yet again continuing your season towards possible playoff as -- is that important precedent that -- and it shows us on our. -- work that we -- and -- the offseason started in sixth getting back to -- and we control our own destiny and that's good -- a little about coming out here tonight I was just in the world champions. Obviously LeBron James and beat Dallas Cowboys fan he even admitted today as the Redskins got it right drafting. It means a lot ones. And as a person so. You know I think that's the hard. Now I noticed then Terrell Suggs is on the you share. It's great to have an excellent. Know you -- good ol' blog at this point in the game. A lot so you guys respect what he's done as a player. And the things they've done. It's usually do and be done and Jason Giambi scores on the Jumbotron and just the reaction that you get your come humbled by -- kind of taken back why. Appreciate everything. On the this year and online will be nobody there. Baltimore Ravens. I'm in this thing is all. We appreciate your time. CSN Washington dot com.

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