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Can RG3 convert LeBron James to a Redskins fan?



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Tue, 4 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com -- win over the New York Giants -- to the Verizon. Glad to be here glad it's a little more prone to Johnson yeah they're playing well with you in the building. Last night's win just how important was it for you guys obviously on the national stage. Yet again continuing your season towards possible playoff as -- is that important precedent that -- and it shows us on our. -- work that we -- and -- the offseason started in sixth getting back to -- and we control our own destiny and that's good -- a little about coming out here tonight I was just in the world champions. Obviously LeBron James and beat Dallas Cowboys fan he even admitted today as the Redskins got it right drafting. It means a lot ones. And as a person so. You know I think that's the hard. Now I noticed then Terrell Suggs is on the you share. It's great to have an excellent. Know you -- good ol' blog at this point in the game. A lot so you guys respect what he's done as a player. And the things they've done. It's usually do and be done and Jason Giambi scores on the Jumbotron and just the reaction that you get your come humbled by -- kind of taken back why. Appreciate everything. On the this year and online will be nobody there. Baltimore Ravens. I'm in this thing is all. We appreciate your time. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. My name is rabbi I start to come out of some of them engineer here to predict my weekly pick for the in an upcoming game. Last week I was a blood legit and I you picked that the Redskins are going to lose. That was I think in the in the continuing on game number four or five rated number five and they want that. This coming week. I think they're going to win against the Eagles and that the whole NFL world is going to Shaka. Of RG three in the Redskins it's very exciting my friends all over call him up and and what's going with the zero regrets of Don't wanna jump on the bandwagon or not letting them in any case this week were predicting they're going to win against the Eagles. 2317. They're going to win Redskins are going to win 22 recipients and I would like to point out that this Sunday game day is a surrogate the fast. Commemorating one of the tests commemorating the destruction of the temple. If you want more information about back go to our website at WW WW WW dot com body that Or call us at our office would be happy to speak to you 7034261980. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Hi good afternoon my name is father John Chancellor and the president a the cherries or Washington DC. And in these surrounding suburbs Montgomery County pitchers can account for Charles Saint Mary's. I'm standing here with some gifts this is part of our Angel tree process where we actually have been able to. On one 600 people who needed a gift for Christmas and to our own donors. To our own supporters out there we have to find six or get to give to people in the we're thrilled to do that here beside me have a number gives showing our effort to make sure that no child this Christmas. It because season. Because of the left behind to the special special time for so it's great to be part of that you're doing so much for others with a B two coats. With a through gifts but the people food. We do this all your round pick could christmastime people say thanks for hopeless. Now I've asked each week predict productive that score for the next Redskins game. This coming week the Eagles. This was a great game on the bandwagon about the Ben now looking forward to the big victory on suggesting that Kirk cousins or RG three. We win this game but can say. 27 to seventeen Redskins Eagles that Philadelphia now. Get ready to win this game Dallas week. How sweet part is human FedEx can't wait to be there we watch on TV. We beat into the playoffs for the first time in many many years increases the Redskins or the bandwagon on to victory go Redskins. Christmas happy holidays all Catholic Charities She gets in Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I to vouchers that is serving all Montgomery County in your for. On this week's installment of all the football in this week the Redskins of course playing the Eagles. Oh wait it's an away game in the trajectory these two teams could not be different than in the eagles' starting reading one. Are what 89 and whereas the rest that starting reinstate that won the last five gates though. It's easy to let you got to go to victory that the residents have got to win this game and pretty and it's not that score of 35 to 21 you know you can follow me since the beginning you know that I'm only six today that is able to be able to predict six of the Redskins game correctly and That's obviously not very good in. And so it just doesn't show how difficult predicting kids and you know that's what I think that always makes me about that local proxies actors they. 2700. Years ago you profit by the name but. Predicted becoming the messiah. And that's of course what we're celebrating in the real meaning for the season of Christmas. And so on a bike you are services we need at 45 point five east west highway that's the that's round house theater. a service that night and what I think you'll hear more about Jesus month I'll tell you all but now but you'll be there have greatly once. CSN Washington dot com.

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    She gets in Washington dot com I love his athletic ability that he has his burning desire to win the did everything. You know I picture him sitting at a red light was somebody in a car next sort of glance and over Adam and are right I'm gonna get I didn't really get out there. And you know he has to sort of re define winning time. And because of his athletic ability he thinks he could make the play all the time. No Andrew Luck but this city because because there was so much talk about go and Indianapolis. Everybody here got themselves ready for Robert. This this was going to be Roberts city this was going to be the god it was gonna lead as he was going to be the difference maker and you know why he hasn't disappointed. She gets in Washington dot com.