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Redskins playing Ravens at the right time



  1. Charlie Batch1:57
  2. Ray Lewis1:45
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers1:54
  4. Robert Griffin0:46, 1:03
  5. Josh Morgan1:09
  6. Ray Rice1:20
  7. Ravens0:08, 0:27, 0:34
  8. Terrel Suggs1:48
Tue, 4 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Well for moral white is shaping up to be a wildly entertaining football game let's get our Ravens and Redskins insiders to join us now we've got Tarik -- this year. At Redskins park. Injuries up and down the field is this a good time actually for the Redskins to catch the Ravens. Definitely rob this is the perfect time this is perfect time for go to the Redskins to catch the Ravens. Confidence is as an all time high out here and Ashburn. Here are -- on his backs -- foot injury he still dealing with it but he changes the dynamic of that offense and he got two rookies and offered Morse and Robert Griffin the third were having historic seasons. And as we saw last night against the Giants. The defense you know for all their their problems. And there at their -- they're getting the job done they're making adjustments when they've got to make adjustments -- getting the key stops during this winning streak. I mean heck even Robert Griffin the third when he fumbles is wide receivers are picking up and take it. Back for touchdowns. Yeah again Josh Morgan swears it was perfectly executed collateral that's the story they're sticking to it as for. They should have lost to San Diego if not for the hate deal bill Ray Rice play they did lose to the Steelers with a 55 year old third string quarterback. Just a bad time for nine in three team to be catching maybe new Americas team. -- has no doubt about it the Ravens aren't the same team on a road though so. If you can get Joseph Flacco and this offense which can be really explosive at home if you can get them on the road. That's the ideal time to get him anyway but then you look at the injury issues you've got to Ray Lewis injury he's not gonna be back for a couple weeks. Terrel Suggs may or may not play this weekend but you also have an issue would -- -- -- He didn't play against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the pass defense was atrocious Charlie Batch had his best. Games since 2001. Against this Ravens defense throughout the -- -- in the air spinning you gotta look towards the secondary they have issues -- Derrius web replacement Jimmy Smith. He's out we're growing from groin surgery he is supposed to practiced this week. Maybe get a chance he can return in the near future but this is a really good time to be playing the Baltimore Ravens they're not nearly not a 100%. CSN Washington dot com.

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