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Wizards beat Heat with "complete" game.



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Wed, 5 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. SARS around for this from from Robert Griffin the third Terrelle Suggs and Jacoby Jones and others but it was the Wizards that played like the stars against the world champions if you're scoring at home. Dating back to last year Washington has now beaten Miami in three straight times and after the game one wizard thought he was actually playing on the road. Did you guys -- I hear -- -- of the announcements slide. You know Chris Singleton and because LeBron is name is like two days. House. There are home tonight was an -- game and we want we want on the road at home crazy as -- Washington played their most complete game of the season. He had 31 assists on 38 made field goals. And so we didn't do exits with the other wins and -- we gonna move the ball. That's what really good teams do. You know especially when you don't really have any superstar caliber players I think it's it's even more. Quickly. Changed what we need to change in and they believed I could tell in their eyes when I said that you know I say I've seen a number times guys whether. You know a lot of people out with injuries somebody comes in nobody they knew they got a chance to win this game and that's what people were saying we all listen. And you -- -- on the street and all that these guys who don't bombs and impressive you know who just would be held the statement again. Despite having the best record in the Eastern Conference Miami's been playing with fire the first fifteen games of the year. And it caught up to despite perfect Big Three combined for seventy points. They played. It's great passion intensity their physical. But from beginning game and -- sustain it all the way through. They did enough. To deserve to win they were some great sixth. Got themselves some good looks you know we came out like we normally come around you know in the beginning game tonight. We came back on us you know they thought they we came around and didn't I have since nurses star. We understand there's not enough new -- and say retain or replace sort of put your best they'll make shots that they don't make millions of things that -- player movement and move the ball. And had a season time assists tonight at 31 assists. You know this season conference so we can send teams will play better and put yourself up for. One piece of injury news Trevor -- a left the game in the third quarter with a left calf strain. He left the locker room with a walking boot is listed as day to day at the Verizon Center Chris Miller. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.