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Skins-Ravens 411 presented by AAA: Battle of the backs



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Wed, 5 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Welcome to Ravens and Redskins 411 presented by AAA I'm Jennifer Williams alongside our Ravens insider Tim might look. And her Redskins insider mark -- -- over there guys today it's a battle of the backs Ray Rice vs Alfred Morris who's got more upside. Like let's put it. You know we're in the storytelling business right and is there a better story right now in the NFL. And now for -- I mean here's a sixth round pick who's the number five rusher. In the league right now he's got I think a hundred yards more than deny the -- right now. I mean the guy drives that 1991 Mazda at Redskins park he broke down there today and it made it late for practice. You know I mean he is just he's an incredible story. He's he's exactly. The type of running back that will thrive in Mike Shanahan is office he makes one cut moves up the field to Michael what about -- rights they look. Alfred Morris is a great story. I absolutely love the guy he's on my fantasy team so how wanted to score as many touchdowns as possible but you know what I'm gonna take Ray Rice for this precise reason. That fourth and 29 play against the San Diego Chargers. That says it all about Ray Rice is a player he's a better receiver than Alfred Morris out of out of the backfield. He's gonna he's on pace to get about seven receptions again this year so I think when you put all of that and Alfred Morris is a young player he's a running these a rookie -- you know what. Ray Rice is only in his fifth season if he's only getting better. I'm gonna stick -- Ray -- Could be the player of the year -- couple guys unfortunately we don't have much more time the -- guys so much for stopping by thank you for watching. Redskins Ravens 411 presented by triple and csnwashington.com.

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