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After Heat win, evolution of a new Wizards team?



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Wed, 5 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Sentiments of those -- walls and -- we've seen him in the river so we don't but O'Neal lost. We like -- this cat person -- descendants.

Yeah that actually happened last night the Washington Wizards beat the defending champion Miami Heat by playing their best game of the season. We just had a they'd do it and what was different about that game compared to all the others we investigate. Don't know if it's first game. Execution. Offensively was. Renders you could say that about not one not two. Not three but the entire -- twelve start to the Wizards season. But it wasn't until after the twelfth lost -- blowout defeat at home to disperse. When the light bulb finally came home.

Sometimes we need to. -- his instruction to build rhythm team. In the constantly in the rhythm and when you execute. Donald terrible. Take what the defense is.

It's the this. -- team meeting followed and the Wizards have now won two of the last three. Culminating with their biggest win of the season over the Miami Heat. So what changed. Against the heat Washington outrebounded Miami and had ten more fast break points -- the reigning champs not only that the Wizards scored 105 points. Fifteen points better than their season average shot 48% from the field. That's eight percentage points up for the season average. But the most telling stat of the ball is 38 field goals and 31 assists even the king knows that is what ultimately sealed his teams fit. They move the ball.

And had a season high in assists -- at 31 assists. You know this season so we understand teams don't play better and -- so that's as good as we move the ball. All year. We have 31 assists and 38 baskets or. Last couple days of practice for the people who boyhood course remains -- to move the ball don't hold that keep -- keep moving keep it. We can get easy baskets if we do.

Perhaps we're witnessing the evolution of a new Wizards team that seems to have adopted the NBA age old adage sharing. Is -- Travel only tell this to continue the rest of the season if we can keep it up and we 500 Milton. CSN Washington dot com.

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