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Hershey's Evan Barlow ties it up in AHL showcase


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Csnwashington.com. And watch it territorial bounds -- like tonight it's been back and forth and the perhaps -- recruitment.

Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Yeah yeah hearing and listening to the.

About the guy who wore number eleven for years -- Watch the pin placement that shot. Anderson. Good odd man rush that's something that door pulled -- of line up against the Bears and now the Bears to -- in the table. That tied the score one Z -- in Washington dot com.

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    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Going back Tim Morris. You know I saw that clip as well on NFL network and he said that the Redskins have fourteen plus heat they have to win out to make the playoffs you guys think. That's the Redskins half. Have to do that I think that's a little wiggle room drop. Dropped one they have the rave against the Browns. The Eagles and the Cowboys so it what do you guys think I you know I I don't think. the mindset you wanna have going into these final four games when you're in is such a tenuous situation the Redskins is hey we can let up now you know he did you what you think Shanahan. You're concern right now is making sure this team is still a 100% focused. And still believes it all these games are must win when the truth is they probably can drop one but do I see an opportunity and yeah exactly momentum. And I I see apart I see so mom and oh this is a big game for the Redskins if they can beat the Ravens and these teams are trending in opposite directions you know the Ravens have lost the Chargers they did lose the Steelers. The Redskins won three in a row if they can get this win could in the NFL every week who COO a team losing games they shouldn't of lost. And so if they can put this one in the bank the may need to get surprising Cleveland or they drop one against the Cowboys. then they don't worry so much of out. That's. We in right and last week you were talking about confidence you gotta wonder what a loss would do you. To the Redskins confident it out on the momentum and certainly breakthrough moment if they are the rest of that your favorite on Sunday I believe and not bite bite to the tree lot and Ravens aren't as strong on the road yet then there are only 45 minutes but big dog back come back to the to the big picture. I still think you know regards to run option of players don't want to let out. I still think a 97 Redskins team. Gets into the playoffs either is that division champ or as the wild card. They can finish three and one. The either of the Giants or the Seahawks. Finished two into water water both of them the Giants finished went to that was the Redskins in the division title more than likely depending on who they wouldn't lose too. Seahawks think they independent they they they lose to rescue to probably hold the tiebreaker. Over them as well so you know I think three out the next four gets it done but I think you know for for this team and its fans. You know winning out would virtually assure the division title. And that would give the home fans go home playoff game at FedEx got him seen since 1990 and. So out and score and its 30 yeah. Agree I never thought both guys thank you so much for stopping by thank you for watching again this is three and out. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. 3 and Out: Is RG3 'unstoppable' and don't forget about Morris...

    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. RG three Alfred Morris and the redskins' improbable. Run to the playoffs. We're talking that three hottest topics of the week this is three now I'm Jennifer Williams alongside Redskins insider are outlet here. And I Redskins blogger rich guys let's talk about RG three you know the kid can Ryan. He can throw and he's worked on his accuracy. If he unstoppable what he did it it's what. I'm not gonna say he's unstoppable because we've seen him lose games. Not all by himself obviously but I mean there three games in my mind a standout work. If he probably was not as sharp he looked more like a rookie he has another game to Cincinnati game the Pittsburgh game in the Carolina game. That said. When you're when you're evaluating a quarterback especially for major player the one you wanna see is it was level rise throughout the season was it and get better not make the same mistakes repeatedly. And I wanna say the last three games have been the best I've seen from an NFL quarterback rookie or not in a long time nine touchdowns one interception. We have the Giants play facing him for the second time that was supposed to be maybe the Kryptonite for a bird for what you know hurt for RG three. Everett having already played him haven't seen the second time coming in that game that's what eleven games of film and him in the NFL. He knows scheme wise what's the catch onto this kid they'll they'll start on him. Obviously we did that we not see that happen. One hopeful quarterback rating just very sharp passes to it. Not only is joke only use for that one interception and but good for I'm trying to think the last 567 games. Yes and even had an interception. This like gone through defensive hands yet saved by that he's just throwing the ball to one interception in five games and it was the one against the Cowboys had on picked off because the ball to simply Huston make a play and he's sailed on him but yeah he had happens he hasn't gotten a break from a defensive back where they dropped the ball so there anyway you know. They know this game this it's this being. It's his arm it's not the the college stuff is. Is our Rob Ryan of Dallas on is that good he's talented. And that's going to be hard to stop again unstoppable as a little bit of of of hyperbole but. He can you know he can get that you get the job done on the ground rich and we know it was unreal what he's only ground I mean are 62 yards average. On the ground the last three games yet. I mean it's it's pretty it's pretty insane what he's doing what And Jason Pierre Paul came out this week saying. That you Drew Brees beat in that. Giants there in their last four contents that he's porno vs the Giants. Isn't it's going to be an easy on an easier game for them if they don't have to worry about the option. Well let's talk about the other rookie Morris he just hit that I was down. Yeah exactly I think. You know and I think I Twitter stranding six in the United States. After he hit that milestone do you think people are finally starting to take notice how good is this kid would you put him top five. Best players on the Redskins team that let's. with yeah well the no question about it please. You know he's he's just the perfect back for this offense I think we talked about this on Sunday night. We you know he's he gets out there. I got where it says and the defense. One foot going down boom. And then when he get he does he got a first contact second contact slow them down third start got but he still pick it up to three or more yards. After he gets hit and that's what. that's what this offense has needed obviously besides the triggerman quarterback. They haven't had that real good you know there's been a game here in the air right Clinton game here in there Tim Hightower looked good sometimes. But they just haven't had that back to week in and week out to get that consistent yardage that did it this did this he has yet. They saw you start ill or fame just on NFL network this part right on ITV news. Question Turkey thinks he's more valuable to this team purses. You know it. A threat like Pierre Garcon. You know I would say yes actually I mean I've been and Pierre is done wonders for what we opens up the playbook for Palestinian. Was he when he's healthy and he's on and he's producing when he has the past couple games. But I mean I for more in my mind is probably tied with Trent Williams as the number two most important player of the steam behind RG three. It with in gets better with the more carries gets his team was five and one when he carries the ball on twenty times or more. I mean that's is that you can't overlook. And You know the thing all all I need to know about for worse is character and drive in what he's gonna do for the rest of his career. We saw in the fourth quarter against the Giants he fumbled the ball and he said to himself you know what I owe it to my teammates to finish this game out to win 20 win this game. And I mean that that last drive when they around the clock. How money was I mean you couldn't take them down on that one not third down and converted at that last the last who was unbelievable I mean that was all effort that was he would he got it to me that was enough that was not second ever terrible fact that's the one that's another thing that bear yes but the it's important that. And let me and that everybody talks about the rookie wall and I don't know if he knows the rookie wall needs to see as a just ran right through okay. Slow down about it. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Chimera has choice words about owners' rejection

    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Action to everything that went out. Yeah I mean it's disappointing obviously I think it's. And as much as this much is. You look so doom and gloom were pretty close I mean we've. We've agreed on from the money leader freedom each are split we agree on a 5050 split would agree on. Number are you sharing preamble things and I think it's a couple issues keep us from. That's her Geary come and say you know it's such a travesty and it's kind of Crocker. SH IT if you don't mean so I think it's. That says disappointing they for to them this to say no one that sent. We we got a full contingent guys to send two guys in Bill Daly and think Donovan was there too so I think it's. There's only sent two guys and say thank you know they're more than before before you propose that we knew every one of us proposal we had. We keep them on everything except you know things that are left over and it said. If it she said no and then it's their release of tables It's pretty supporting for that for hockey in general think three tackles and just to stop talking it's pretty. Is this is absurd and so. They didn't just say no rate they said no via voice sounds pretty yes. No it's been inundated and they come back and say you Holtz left a voice belting out go artists. Kind of childish is like. But again a pretty girl on the phone itself you won't face to face is there suddenly gets this kind of on that line you know you gotta be a man and a come we're does not mean we've. If you if you look at the whole picture and look at what with what we've given what kind of I know it's kind of you know it's it's available for normal normal people are not normal people and fans in general and people work and nine to five and understand what really goes on the Olympic. We've kind of came along way and we felt. a big step yesterday you know it and we we The media you're talking attorney Kevin and starts it's. It's disappointing but I think there were close I mean if there if they wanted to deal talked today Worrell was talking. I think we're there's only a couple issues left so we into this low. Do you think it is viable for you guys to come together with with the back and forth between Donald Fehr and Batman. Do you think it is viable for you guys to be represented by Donald. Yes I mean he's he's done everything he's done to have really great to look at the look at the whole picture he's he's because he's keep guys in form he's he's he's he's not he's her he's he's he says what is and be we got we got. We got eighteen guys in the in the room that are there too it's not like he's tells what just. Blown smoke upper he's he's he's tell us what it is and he's he's done everything possible thing to get this going and you know we have complete confidence in him that's. He's healthy he's not too many guys of leaders if you he'll call it direct and he gets that kind of guy he is if you call him he'll call you. not a couple Lawrence in this I think he's good about where do you guys come from. I don't know three it's a good question we want to. Arsenal play and make good players want a player that was shown now and think. That's it's it's very confused you know I think it's kind of mixed message to I think we had a lot of talks and it looked like I it's not you know this could be and kind of. In the last proposal was kind of shut down that. But even shut down bases in the over what smells what's kind of I don't know we're going to units that are hopefully well I'm I'm so hopefully something happens you don't soon I think it realistically I think some still can get done. They came back as today picks and get them today or this weekend so. But I don't know I don't know what they're thinking it's been since timetable and after on the timetable or whatever they're doing but. You know they're. It's making a lot of people playing prevent unnecessary the people who work at the buildings people that relies stuff that's for jobs and security people handles people that rely on. Born with Verizon Center further her livelihood I mean it's just a shame on those people too because they. That's a work in the you know we do this than the American money I know I know we've become articles people schools paychecks for. You know for either of them and you know people that's their enables people to. Jason what is the biggest issue that's holdings. Well I don't know I mean it's. We don't want Ridiculous not necessarily think that's a big thing I think we wanted to. You know there's a couple standing issues having to do you know. The proposed a ten years CPA we eight since an induction holds itself in that. I like the contract I think could be negotiated think it's just. They're they're sentenced normal sings and kind of you know as do the things it can be worked out I think I think that's the main thing in We've we've stepped of their numbers for hold all all the stuff him. You know him from number two goes of Donald's a big issue that to get to make more wee wee at the numbers and all the stuff and also hammered out. If for them to come back and say. You know to there's and they can be worked considered. It's a lot closer than what Gary and and the owners want to leave leave last night I think it was a lot of doom gloom and guys I didn't fifty points elsewhere fencing with what's going on what the hell's going on I think it's let's fool some people think I think that's keep that in mind and hopefully they're not timetable for you wanna get a deal done hopefully come back tennis they are morally. Let me look cooler heads prevail in them and get back better. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Capitals' Jay Beagle tired of NHL lockout talks "roller coaster"

    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. That's a it's very bad news. I was very surprised. You're talking decent and you know he's a player up so. He's been numb you keep game keeping us in notified and stuff and just with what you've seen yesterday skewer and and you know I think everyone that's on actually she's been word that is false and some spinning it done. And then. You know through to kind of falls through and he was obviously disappointed. There's no better way it's PA was and until he was informed. He had just met him. A little bit but I'm not really surprised when. Now it's kind of I try and I try and stay away from his lesser lights and now to his You know it it's such a roll closer I'd eat you hear good things and you foresee may be playing. You know and then things fall through so you know not really surprised I'm not snowing this new come skate hard every day and you stay ready hopefully some. Have you heard that have been the biggest seasonal things. I'm I'm wrong and that's actually yeah I you know I just hear it from what. Would touch him and says and and help the unions here and it's not New York. You staying with us here around those guys are really informed solid if you're gonna ask anyone. You know more than me I mean I'm kind of just that guy here's. Really I don't know much of this that I know that we've given in line. And done. You know I didn't know I think it's I think teams have to game and now a little bit that's what I've heard the moment honestly on the issues in the. us. Do you think it's you know the child in his back and forth between fear and that meant. Calling and leaving voicemail during all of that do you think progress is actually being made it's he I don't know phenomenal it's a loose this team they the play hardball you know and that's their job so all I mean. I think I would like to think that it's been made very slowly but some feel this week there was a lot of progress mean. From what I heard. You know I think we're really forces look just little things now that they have to get done poem he homered. The money issue is no right there it's. Been so Poulsen and you know this is the little things now that pennant more details so you know I'm hopeful that some gets done but like I said to them. I'm trying to stay away from and thank you my head and just working hard and Dan and you know anybody and I'm not sure I'm just. stable that somehow for. It's finally today I mean you about it it's just the little. Details and you guys that Aramis the big issues so. Is it shocking then to it here that you know everything's off the table and it's just go home when Manning and need their rest this. Yeah I mean it was obviously shocking win win. You know to me that that doesn't make sense obviously I'm not. You know involved in it and I don't know logistics of how you know. Negotiating the back and forth in the mind games I think his play but to me I know that obviously doesn't make sense for me that close. You know to be nicer to stick them in our room until you know leave until he figured something home itself. You know but. I hope something gets done I hope that is talking and they end up meeting. You know sooner than the name thinks. CSN Washington dot com.