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CSN NBA Insider Ric Bucher on Kobe's legacy and Bradley Beal



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Thu, 6 Dec 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Joining us now -- NBA insider -- you correct Kobe Bryant became the youngest to score 30000. Points where does this put him in the history of the game. That remains to be seen it anywhere he wants to be which is just one that's ahead of Michael Jordan and as far as two guards go. I'd certainly say he is in the neighborhood but he is still a step behind and I don't nobody ever surpasses ultimately. What Michael is done he wants to win a couple more championships to put himself in the conversation. The interesting elements as far as where Kobe is and what he's able to do. And where the Lakers are is that Kobe can still score with the best of that's why he's at the top of the league as far as scoring averages are concerned. The differences that he's doing it from mid range. And from long range and while that's still serves his purposes it's not opening up the floor or Korea creating opportunities. For the rest of the Lakers at this point and that's the interesting dynamic here. That's why they need to Steve Nash back because he's going to be able to facilitate for everybody else. Kobe can still get hits the Wizards finally got a win they also beat the heat lost a couple of games and overtime were blown out a few times. What are we to make of the way it's. There it seems it's capable of playing with just about anybody. But closing games and winning them is going to be a challenge for them quite honestly until they get John Wall back they simply don't. Have anybody else on the roster that's capable of doing that and coming back and certainly given them a big boost. And Shaun Livingston has helped them tremendously at the point guard spot. But when you get into the final six minutes of the game you need a guy who can create a shot and make a shot. -- believe that they have that guy and Bradley deal as far as the guy who can make those shots. But until he gets a bottom 51 straight point guard next to -- we are not going to find out. And that is gonna cost the Wizards wins in games that they stay -- up until the fourth quarter CSN Washington dot com.

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