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Redskins will have to 'put their big boy pants on' to stop Rice



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  2. DeAngelo hall0:05
  3. Ray Rice0:16, 0:31
  4. Iron Man0:14
  5. Robert Griffin1:39
  6. Ravens0:16
  7. American League0:36
  8. Pittsburgh0:57
  9. average yards1:36
  10. coaches staff0:11
Thu, 6 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. DeAngelo hall and trip -- were limited in practice on Thursday linebacker London Fletcher with a sore ankle did not go at all. But the coaches staff not too concerned about the NFL's Iron Man though they will need him with the Ravens -- Ray Rice in their backfield in fact. If your thread of marquee running backs we've got two on Sunday. -- Morse at the franchise's single season rookie rushing record last Monday night. He's been a huge boost for RG three and the skins offense but on the other side Ray Rice is the main called in the ravens' attack. He may be the most. Dynamic run American League he's definitely. Major part of that he made a part of their offense the more touched the ball to get the chances of of of play in the game is. But they don't always use the fourth time this year he's at thirteen or fewer -- -- but here's the rub. In the games following the lack of touches he's averaged a full ten more carries. Bad news hit twelve carries last week at a loss to Pittsburgh to black and blue division that they. You know you'd have to go run a ball. We'll try to stuff the day throats in and make you like it so I would guess you got to put our big book has on this week in -- message is -- he's silent when he runs -- -- -- I love watching him run I don't -- on real. We wanted to shoot him whenever we have to tackle the guy who. Yeah there were enough was -- -- as the specimen. You know he gets most of the -- He makes he makes aren't attacking me in the Obama have been the only Starks. You know he's just is dangerous. Casanova is the is that right -- Rice averages four point four yards a carry out remorse four point eight who leads the league in average yards per carry. And that would be Robert Griffin the third at six point eight per it is. A different offense for the Redskins. CSN Washington dot com.

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