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Chimera has choice words about owners' rejection



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  4. doom gloom5:12
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  6. Batman2:17
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Fri, 7 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Action to everything that went out. Yeah I mean it's disappointing obviously I think it's. And as much as this much is. You look so doom and gloom were pretty close I mean we've. We've agreed on -- from the money leader freedom each are split we agree on a 5050 split would agree on. Number are you sharing preamble things and I think it's a couple issues keep us from. That's her Geary come -- and say you know it's such a travesty and it's kind of Crocker. -- SH IT if you don't mean so I think it's. That says disappointing -- they -- for -- to them this to say no one that sent. We we got a full contingent guys -- to send two guys in Bill Daly and think Donovan was there too so I think it's. There's only sent two guys and say thank you know they're more than before before you propose that we knew every one of us proposal we had. We keep -- them on everything except you know things that are left over and it said. If it she said no and then it's their release of tables -- It's pretty supporting for that for hockey in general -- think three tackles and just to stop talking it's pretty. Is this is absurd and so. They didn't just say no rate they said no via voice sounds pretty yes. No it's been inundated and they come back and say -- you Holtz left a voice belting out go artists. Kind of childish is like. But again a pretty girl on the phone itself you -- won't face to face is there suddenly gets this kind of on that line you know you gotta be a man and a come we're -- does not mean we've. If you if you look at the whole picture and look at what with what we've given what kind of I know it's kind of you know it's it's available for normal normal people are not normal people and fans in general and people work and nine to five and understand what really goes on the Olympic. We've kind of came along way and we felt. -- a big step yesterday you know it and we we -- The media you're talking attorney Kevin and starts it's. It's disappointing but I think there were close I mean if there if they wanted to deal talked today Worrell was talking. I think we're there's only a couple issues left so we -- into this -- low. Do you think -- it is viable for you guys to come together with with the back and forth between Donald Fehr and Batman. Do you think it is viable for you guys to be represented by Donald. Yes I mean he's he's done everything he's done to have really great to -- look at the look at the whole picture he's he's because he's keep guys in form he's he's he's he's not he's -- her -- he's he's he says what is and be -- we got we got. We got eighteen guys in the in the room that are there too it's not like he's tells -- what just. Blown smoke upper -- he's he's he's -- tell us what it is and he's he's done everything possible thing to get this going and you know we have complete confidence in him that's. He's healthy he's not too many guys of leaders if you -- he'll call it direct and he gets that kind of guy he is if you call him he'll call you. -- not a couple Lawrence in this I think he's good about -- where do you guys come from. I don't know three -- it's a good question we want to. Arsenal -- play and make good players want a player that was shown now and think. That's it's it's very confused you know I think it's kind of mixed message to I think we had a lot of -- talks and it looked like I it's not you know this could be -- and kind of.

In the last proposal was kind of shut down that. But even shut down -- bases in the over what smells what's kind of I don't know we're going to units that are hopefully well I'm I'm so hopefully something happens you don't soon I think it realistically I think some still can get done. They came back as today picks and get them today or this weekend so. But I don't know I don't know what they're thinking it's been since -- timetable and after on the timetable or whatever they're doing but. You know they're. It's making a lot of people playing prevent unnecessary the people who work at the buildings people that relies stuff that's for jobs and security people -- handles people that rely on. Born with Verizon Center further her livelihood I mean it's just a shame on those people too because they. That's -- a -- work in the you know we do this -- than the American money I know I know we've become articles people -- schools paychecks for. You know for either of them and you know people that's their -- enables people to. Jason what is the biggest issue that's holdings. Well I don't know I mean it's. We don't want -- Ridiculous not necessarily think that's a big thing I think we wanted to. You know there's a couple standing issues having to do you know. The proposed a ten years CPA we -- eight since an induction holds itself in that. I like the contract I think could be negotiated think it's just. They're they're sentenced normal sings and kind of you know as do the things it can be worked out I think I think that's the main thing in -- We've we've stepped of their numbers for -- hold all all the stuff him. You know him from number two goes of Donald's a big issue -- that to get to make more wee wee -- at the numbers and -- all the stuff and also hammered out. If for them to come back and say. You know -- to -- there's -- and -- they can be worked -- considered. It's a lot closer than what Gary and and the owners want to leave leave last night I think it was a lot of doom gloom and guys -- I didn't fifty points elsewhere fencing with what's going on what the hell's going on I think it's let's -- fool some people think I think that's -- keep that in mind and hopefully they're not timetable for you wanna get a deal done hopefully come back tennis they are morally. Let me look cooler heads prevail in them and get back better.

CSN Washington dot com.

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