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3 and Out(Part 2): The Redskins improbable playoff run?



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Fri, 7 Dec 2012|



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Going back Tim Morris. You know I saw that clip as well on NFL network and he said that the Redskins have fourteen plus heat they have to win out to make the playoffs you guys think. That's the Redskins half. Have to do that I think that's a little wiggle room -- drop. Dropped one they have the rave against the Browns. The Eagles and the Cowboys so it what do you guys think I you know I I don't think.

the mindset you wanna have going into these final four games when you're in is such a tenuous situation the Redskins is hey we can let up now you know he did you what you think -- Shanahan. You're concern right now is making sure this team is still a 100% focused. And still believes it all these games are must win when the truth is they probably can drop one but do I see an opportunity and yeah exactly momentum. And I I see apart I see so mom and oh this is a big game for the Redskins if they can beat the Ravens and these teams are trending in opposite directions you know the Ravens have lost the Chargers they did lose the Steelers. The Redskins won three in a row if they can get this win could -- in the NFL every week who COO -- a team losing games they shouldn't of lost. And so if they can put this one in the bank the may need to get surprising Cleveland or they drop one against the Cowboys. -- then they don't worry so much of out. That's.

We -- in right and last week you were talking about confidence you gotta wonder what a loss would do you.

To the Redskins confident it out on the momentum and certainly breakthrough moment if they are the rest of that your favorite on Sunday I believe and not bite bite to the tree lot and -- Ravens aren't as strong on the road yet then there are only 45 minutes but big dog back come back to the to the big picture. I still think you know regards to run option of players don't want to let out. I still think a 97 Redskins team. Gets into the playoffs either is that division champ or as the wild card. They can finish three and one. The either of the Giants or the Seahawks. Finished two into water water both of them the Giants finished -- went to that was the Redskins in the division title more than likely depending on who they wouldn't lose too. Seahawks think they independent they -- they -- they lose to rescue to probably hold the tiebreaker. Over them as well so you know I think three out the next four gets it done but I think you know for for this team and its fans. You know winning out would virtually assure the division title. And that would give the home fans go home playoff game at FedEx got him seen since 1990 and.

So out and score and its -- 30 yeah. Agree I never thought both guys thank you so much for stopping by thank you for watching again this is three and out.

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