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Tarik and Larry face off with their Week 14 picks



  1. Tony Romo0:48
  2. Baltimore Washington2:58
  3. Green Bay2:40
  4. Andrew Luck1:09
  5. DeMarco Murray's0:50
  6. Jets1:14, 1:23, 1:25
  7. poker2:20
  8. train wreck1:26
  9. ugly games2:25
  10. cold weather2:40
Fri, 7 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Here -- -- it's got a four game lead with four weeks ago tar heel this year preseason watch dot com as tickled at the scoreboard art before. We get started there are the numbers. Four weeks to go you're up -- where you feel right now I feel very confident but not overconfident because you're savvy veteran I can't I can't on relax now. One game. One week at a time of the way I play half hour or so anyway we opened them girl Thursday who would have done that which takes -- Sunday at once that was an awful awful. Awful yet you know. I saw him team -- -- that Buffalo to Atlanta Carolina and then chalk that right up to Atlanta that collegial feel right -- told one. Cincinnati I never pick the Cowboys. -- wow okay Tony Romo has been hot and on DeMarco Murray's back and I'd like that. It's basically Redskins next opponent next week at Cleveland Kansas City I mean. Who can imagine where there are going to be this week yeah you know I I I think -- come back down to earth and queens. They Cleveland Tennessee at Indianapolis I think the Colts will continue to win. I've been -- gets Andrew Luck all yours on a stick with him in man crush on him markets that. Jets Jacksonville. Conversation continues to point towards next year who's going to be the coach and general manager. At the quarterback it's a day. The Jets win again. Jets their train wreck but they're better -- the Jaguars. Big game here Chicago at Minnesota out here which I -- ways it did not. He said that sort of thing is that to get Jets -- -- yes talked about that earlier in the show. Take Chicago on the road here okay I'm gonna go with on Minnesota at home okay. This -- apartment you can do that if you want so yeah Urlacher. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pittsburgh -- think yeah on Pittsburgh Philly -- Tampa -- they've got a new. Definitely is pretty good team have taken to -- that they've been very good at home and the polls had some real life yet but it's Francisco. Gotta go San proud of their deep. That's at home you're out long trip offered to -- -- to beat the Giants off that we know what I take. You're you're playing poker here at okay I'm gonna go with the Giants because I that. It was gonna find a way to win ugly games. A -- that culpability in the -- high scoring. Seattle I'm sure Poulter is a lot of rust and get -- done that Seattle's. He had the Cardinals are mess and I and -- automatic -- -- -- Corey. It was Green Bay another cold weather team and two in Houston. This year. It's gonna it's just my game of the week but I'm go along with on doing and Aubrey can go against barber. But he ended when you do that is the we've got one game right yeah yeah yeah it is that a gamble bit. Baltimore Washington. With the Redskins. Like the way they're playing in the know what when the boys in Vegas -- There's a reason for -- ago a lot of respect for went up there at that match raced and go to that Richard BI. Gotta. Hit -- good luck. CSN Washington dot com.

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