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Fri, 7 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Kyle Shanahan first. All supportive for the Redskins the Redskins offense certainly taking leaps every single week they're number one in the league in terms of watching the ball ball. The Ravens have a great defense and right now I got to look back -- and Ed Reed a future hall of Famer. Is at a ski area of the Redskins all that you gotta keep that read is Kyle Shanahan more.

Well that is I mean -- main thing is my ninth their coaching so I can't say. Is the best of all time sentencing everybody that is definitely the best I've ever seen -- played against some knock on the pre season since 2008. But as is unbelievable and he's he's back there he makes more plays anyone you've been around it changed the game and as a reason people say is the best of all time -- it plays like it and definitely if you challenge. -- That's I mean that's what were kind of weigh in on -- every game whether it's our first time -- second time plan as how they are gonna play because it is different and you know defense are gonna have somewhat of an adjustment and they did -- did a few things differently in the first game that. I think helped them some areas and then opened up some stuff in other areas and a -- that -- in used to -- just trying to see how teams defend it and when they do something that helps. Anytime you do something on offense that helps against something and it opens up holes somewhere else in the defense just isn't the same for us but they do something a style of play is you have other place to go to and how quickly can you recognize it and executed. CSN Washington dot com.

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