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Navy preps for Commander-in-Chief's Trophy showdown with Army



CSN Washington dot com. As navy prepares for the biggest game of the season the mid to do so knowing that for the first time since 2005. They're also playing for the commander in chief's trophy. Adding even more pressure on an already intense rivalry and. The game is is this pretty high pressure and hype you know right now and with the commander chief trophy at stake also. He raises an even higher so you know this is going to be a fun game another look forward to it -- we. I kind of compared to. Quebec going its support you know he wouldn't be afraid that it -- that trophies or. You know I'm excited for opportunity it's a place all the marbles and our players are our biggest rival. But at same time you know we can't -- the moment it's a big you know he's got a no we yard go out and play like we've been playing and practicing groundless whatever that. It's a first when I heard guard army navy air force throw OK and today and then we're gonna -- some -- person I was like you know doing what any other way. The same as always the -- steroid hearing and the citizenry Sarah you're more resume wants so. First I guess there's mixed feelings but the course -- and you definitely can as a solid you know we were rather evident there was. I think it's cool especially it's like for Lamar was -- I mean it's not the -- Lester were society you know you wanna be on the but like. It's not for anything you saw this happen -- this is the best -- Jones and remembering back he had committed chief's trophy. Have that opportunity and I know stardom -- -- guys are definitely some. Start those guys and it was like when -- -- capable. Army's record may be just to win nine on the season but the navy defense will certainly have its hands full. As army leads the nation in rushing averaging almost 370. Yards per game on the ground. The -- reds four -- starter and ready to start four years at any school. It is is a great athlete. You know welcomed to go to him. And especially serves -- because all things you do with resupplied. There -- -- a fourth class so do it for him not only because it's -- Forsberg has -- tours and there's a -- team. When a ball in his hands is dangerous was going to be tough to. They've moved the ball gets everybody they've been efficient guess everybody. Unfortunately their offense is so it's -- so for there's some familiarity there and play them they're tough often Cintron still was a great job running their offense. Indianapolis Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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