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  1. Randy Foye0:10
  2. Mike Miller0:10
  3. Chris Miller1:59
  4. AJ price1:49, 2:10
  5. Klay Thompson0:22, 0:57
  6. Cartier Martin1:03
  7. Harrison Barnes0:29
  8. Seth Curry0:43
  9. hand injury1:51
  10. free throws1:31, 1:35, 2:19
Sat, 8 Dec 2012|


Csnwashington.com. Time now -- at the top truth Wizards fans back in 2009 the whiz they had the fifth pick in the draft that they chose to trade away from Randy Foye and Mike Miller. But let's say here they could have had its staff curry who is averaging nineteen points. And six assists the last year Washington had the sixth overall pick and why should -- come Vasily however they passed on Klay Thompson who is now averaging get this just a shade under sixteen points. Adam courses here the way is they've passed on Harrison Barnes for Bradley feels good result. The lawyers they came in tonight's match up twelve and seven thinks they're younger course so let's get -- to see how nice. I don't feel it out to prove Washington made the right decision after drafted third overall but it was Seth Curry he's pulled so early on. Bush is a three -- the first dozen more curry later in the quarter and that is. Nothing but net Warriors upset that one felt her getting his teammates involved in the second quarter Klay Thompson. Think those three Golden State is up night but thanks to a big quarter from Cartier Martin. The -- is able to keep it close mark greens the open free he had fourteen points in the second quarter alone. Now the moyers lead by three and a half minutes curry and -- and getting it done they combined for 26 points five boards and six assists in the first half. Some pretty impressive numbers let's get back to game action Wizards down four with fourteen seconds left field gives the freedom go Washington now whip and one. Not there to Golden State free throws Wizards down three field. You know lasted two free throws -- intentionally. Did his own rebound well you know being wide open layup that as an unbelievable finish. And a heartbreaker as the Wizards lose 1019. Seven now from other game notes AJ price throughout the game early with a hand injury has injuries just continue to. Played the I was now welcome in our Chris Miller. Chris K another. How they are handling this loss in game that they fought so hard to get back into him. What -- starting you really frustrating in that locker and he talked about the injury to AJ price more on that the moment but these losses are continued to mount. And and I didn't blown out is these close games it's not learning how to finish. And tonight once in free throws he saw a play there by Bradley -- an opportunity to tie the game at 99 and possibly -- it and over time. He misses it wide open no Golden State player actually touched him tonight the Wizards were fourteen of 23 shooting. 61%. From the charity stripe that's not gonna get it done. As the losing continues here in Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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