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Sun, 9 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Quincy your how many phone out and then what happened to me the biggest plays of the in -- touchdown run.

It's definitely it all happened so fast so much on the other played all correctly and to watch the tape again but. From what I remember rattling down. You know he stay in a lot of those hits the floor wasn't quite sure. She really needed to come out but. -- helmets aren't throwing and then not came in just trying to tailor the situationally this third down and we've moved the chains and forcing a pass interference call enabled us to do that -- RR come back out I was expecting to have to finish the game -- come back out which was great in. So I remake the sidelines but town that he made it -- couple big time place in them. Could see was limping after the second -- completion in. And then didn't know what to do -- the plan was trying to find coach -- and just to be able. To let him make a call -- and he said wish Kirk an -- here and they just single out there take a spot so. On out there who wanted to make sure he was he actually was certainly -- yeah I can't I can't do that so. He went down and enough -- from there in -- which makes that -- try to do my best RG three if you will depend. And here ended up coming off his route and a break in a way and break it open and -- he was wide open wanted to do was put in his arts. Kurt what was the pump fake on that throw. There was -- you're -- to move the defense I'm not sure exactly happens fast but we do have a double move on that plays so if if -- Can remember correctly it probably was because I was trying to get to the vitamins and a double move. -- how much at the Atlanta game helped you today. Anytime -- inexperience whether it's practice reps in training camp pre season game. A real game it's gonna help me so there's no doubt I learned from that. You know it's still a challenge to come out here to stay in the cold for three quarters and and be ready to go -- down for so they had ten guys around me who are doing their job at a high level that it made my job you know much much easier. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. RG3 upbeat, awaiting MRI tonight

    Sun, 9 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Down at the bowels of FedEx Field. Arc until this year Redskins insider CSN Washington dot com broke out the springer yes we've faced is like all of these Bears are click yet but they. But you talked with Robert Griffin the third. And we know kind of what's going on it but that figures that's his demeanor. You know it was surprisingly upbeat for someone who might have suffered significant knee injury. Well a lot of reporters like myself near his locker after the game when he finally came into the locker room. Who's running a very thick brace on his right knee and I said howry is a good. As how's your knee and he said well having been through ACL tear before this does not feel that way. He had just come from the extra room where he said X rays were negative so nothing is broken. The key is going to be waiting for the MRI tonight. He's on he left the building about fifteen minutes ago and a three car motorcade probably headed for the hospital maybe go Redskins park he's gonna have an MRI done on that And then he's gonna really know the significance of the injury because you know. I mean guys how many times have we talked to a player who afterwards you have adrenaline still pumping. They don't think the injury significant and then they get they MRI results not only be a negative Nancy but. Nothing is determined until the doctor as that Norman is and he's able to look at this that the structure of that me. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Cousins has his number called, delivers for the Redskins

    Sun, 9 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. I gotta be honest I looked at my producer Gary Carter you there so I think Kirk cousins can make a play here but then you look up at second and pointing. You're up against the 93 vaunted Ravens defense what were you thinking when your number got called. Well I think you try not to focus on those external factors you try to just focus on your job and my job was. To run the play call to go through my progression. Is so I did that but certainly benefit professor fears call it. The recovery came in made some tremendous plays on on one leg more lesson. You know just the the next is trying to do to be somewhat of a robot and just do what to do. I know this is what you're job is what you're born to do but how tough is it to walk in your cold haven't played haven't really. Done much of anything in a long time to get up and that physically make plays. Is typical inside deal I think I can show myself as a much better quarterback if I was getting reps all week and if I was playing from the start of the game to the finish but. This is apathy I have been last year ready and is the best I can do right now and I'm a control what I can control. And fortunately today things worked in my favor. When you're practicing during the week game planning are you. Literally thinking about when that moment comes I have to make sure I'm on my point is they need to make plays. Exactly I have to be ready to go there's there's no excuses you can't say adding get reps you can't what was warm SN uses the NFL complaints so. My job is to mentally stay locked in aware that your piece all game long trying to hear the plays and just. From my limited vanish. My in my limited perspective from the sideline tried to read the defense that I would do need to play and I think that does certainly well I have to going. Look at the pump fake to Santana maybe drew a defensive back on the on the touchdown to hear what excuses. You know I that we didn't see much didn't really try to pump and really feel like I had anything in. Playoff instincts I tried to take off and I guess turn my robot off a little bit and try to make something happen off schedule and Pierre did a great job on covering on his round and it wasn't off schedule played in a their favor. I think RG three was on the field everyone would have predicted quarterback draw. Not so much and Kirk cousins on there somewhere that was it your choice did you have a choice on that what you think with the play as well. Cushion and passing is done a great job trying to get my. Comfort level a certain plays but truth be told I'm new to this offense summit trust him. He's a phenomenal job and Robert you've seen now with the plays that he's on the successful positions but Robert but. He's also the same in me and down you know the more I'm able to get to know him office more than dialogue we can have in the right play called that. In that situation was tremendous play call and I just had XQ what what was called. Again what did you see the defense did you know at any moment of his players can work. covers and felt like as long as the blocks were made and I could you know move quickly enough I wasn't going to be Robert but as long as I could giddy up to me I I should be able to score and fortunately we had some great blocks made in. You know I'm not gonna get there quite as fast as Robert does so I'm sure made a little more nerve racking for the sideline to watch but. We found a way to get in and spike the ball and enjoyed a moment. Speaking of a guy with a limited minutes in limited reps Richard Crawford comes in as the new punt returner. It's pretty remarkable play he made. They're a great get north and south anytime your punt return to get any kind of yards back is a bonus for us in and so first joint testimony get north and south and he's been doing that and obviously when you when you can get north to south to split the defense. It opens up a lot of holes the scenes in and he did that in down. It was a phenomenal player made myself a lot easier hit the ball off down the stretch did you look at as he walked off those that he couldn't beat the punter to take it to the house staff I you know what I thought he had I just assumed he had turnaround how Robert how we had won an inside at tackle in the OK at least he is that they handed off so we found a way to get the lead and then mr. automatic car you know what I just stay away from the guy let him do is staying. And just I don't want to jinx anything. Well you certainly got tremendous performance congratulations and good luck for number was called next week okay thinking but CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Kerrigan: "We always make it interesting"

    Sun, 9 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Get through the defense that you just quarterback talk you watched him. Give it everything it possibly had to that ability. That's failures but the allotment it. Now he's got a lot of occurred to me you we also have you looked it looked pretty rough put me. He's able to come back him he'd drive but you know like he said it. He I was a mature decision for him to say you know I can't give the best you know the chance that team the best chance to win right now. Came out Noah hope and hope suffered serious that your defense obviously. We had to stop Baltimore's second half coming down the stretch gave the office covered. Good feeling about what's companies have. a lot of confidence I mean we did well first half defensively put. You know second half came out and we're what do you get a lot of has some good plays on first and second down which which allowed them to be in some third and longer situations and allowed us to get after the quarterback a little more. You found your vote in the second half. You've bull rush you get back which you use your tight inside. If you dominated. It periods of time where I saw you. Like I used to see you tell everybody put the attention on you what was the difference and that was it just who will have to wait five or evade the guy will do because. But bought a couple of has dial up some really good pressures and allowed me to come free and com notes that from that went out of them is the easy play at that point You know I think collectively rear of we came out with a different mindset the second half that we had to stop the run we still of yardage we ultimately kept about the ends for the most part with the exception. Is decade alone festivities thank you. In that bag of wean you off at ever have one that you could just block them beat the hell out of the a little word but at the you know. Got myself Trevor really we get all the while also not well. You know if you could just go ball with little wait it into the got a week you know everyone's been saying the same thing. Yeah like you know consensus ever like when fans live comfortably enough like now we always make it interesting but you know as long to find a way to win and part of it and I'll think it would on the didn't talk about the. Yeah the second half with a different mindset and as stopping the run. Does the way that physically have to do with the change in scheme with the changes technique. I've read that the mental thing you've got to do better first and second down how does it physically occur. Know guys being more. Conscious of their gaps stayed in their gaps not mean they're they're good offensive line they got a really good very good big physical offensive lineman. I think we have what we kind of had a better sense of what they're gonna do in the second half that allowed us to. Play faster. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Alexander: "We're finding ways to win now"

    Sun, 9 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com now we about Lorenzo Alexander. Does everything for this franchise that. couple years stories parking cars to offered for guys that he's vastly changes more than a Oprah Winfrey and ha ha ha a didn't pick her good round. God and all day because just heard your your young quarterback Kirk cousins gave nobody had become made it and get it done just. It is it the feeling walking out of the locker vote. You guys made the plays you had to make it or to get this though it was great. I think that's the biggest thing that's kind of change culturally as far as going out to play football with fun ways to win now in years past we were playing sixty minutes it always find a way to lose. And not you know we had a fumble and you know a copy of the battle went with the other way when they reviewed it we could talk about it going and if I was going to tell us don't live it was in the game. Well gorgeous game I thought the special teams have been decided factor in the game and run you all going to get what we got one definitely to coach What you noticed about here did you see some of that in Crawford in Atlanta. Almost definitely both both got very decisive they catch the ball. They can't he'll make one cut in that he's he's going to where he hit he's also bigger than what I thought on he's 62 to fifteen those are tackled well he did a great job of up his blocks. In his inaugural you know I'll let you have to have the places where it was kicking a couple of times about got to set the tone. Don't know but it was great that I left for Richard Crawford all. I think you could get off all in all game really like three are returns be happy to close them left we gave a break it you 6020 68. Thought I gave my heart I gave a hard time though he could not run upon us and I think both walk off walk off touchdown right indicate that settlement money. That's why aren't we don't part of I gotta go our state and compare back that's what I look like I. Like a big gorilla. And that everything is fine Internet reports of their fine but that you guys behind him if I need to ask about it or. Is that if you're on and I don't I seems like everything we watched specialties split coverage you're number 97 laid on top of the opponents for turner more often than not. what goes through your mind what is your mindset running down the field I read it. You know I think I get it but there's a great job of what you've seen all the returns they have what we need to make. And I got a great job coaching this Vick beat you cannot just you know watch it to do my homework read guys on the a lot of it is only a lot if it looks now to to get a All the guys on the team now Chris Wilson Reed Doughty. Also Creighton. Pressure on we can always doubled TV you know and our replay it five hole I don't like to hit because theatre Atlanta as well. I think about good technique that we could tackle that you made today on special teams what good technique did you execute couldn't get a good. I've ever for that as they years they hear us talk about it technique but what is good technique what does that look like what's the actual technique you'd probably tackle. Didn't have the there and that they can attack. All. Well lot of it is all kick off is obviously to a little lucky kind of If you want to get up on you know group willing to run. It is the unsettled and not say it is blocking. And being out is that great and the different grip across the face. How would you rate of return didn't square back up and then finally started exactly this I can't you can bet it is because there is no break if they asserted that. Yeah yeah yeah. Can rush the and similar it is personal you know you can't get off blocks in garbage fire returner is basically can be here I love your defense. And a couple of times you fake blitz and drop into coverage yeah I want to see you blitz like that so getting bright Golf and great job which I do that you're doing the calling me out when I walked up there with they're not seven on seven the roster spots lot of you know this Gaza walk up on the line. And what they do they the I notably discovered reason that's got to get out there like a puppet like we did. We don't get is that a lot of drama with the what was it. CSN Washington dot com.