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Sun, 9 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Down at the bowels of FedEx Field. Arc until this year Redskins insider CSN Washington dot com broke out the springer yes we've faced -- is like all of these Bears are -- click -- yet but they. But you talked with Robert Griffin the third. And we know kind of what's going on it but that figures that's his demeanor. You know it was surprisingly upbeat for someone who might have suffered significant knee injury. Well a lot of reporters like myself -- near his locker after the game when he finally came into the locker room. Who's running a very thick brace on his right knee and I said howry is a good. As -- how's your knee -- and he said well having been through ACL tear before this does not feel that way. He had just come from the extra room where he said X rays were negative so nothing is broken. The key is going to be waiting for the MRI tonight. He's on he left the building about fifteen minutes ago and a three car motorcade probably headed for the hospital maybe go Redskins park he's gonna have an MRI done on that -- And then he's gonna really know the significance of the injury because you know. I mean guys how many times have we talked to a player who afterwards you have adrenaline still pumping. They don't think the injury significant and then they get they MRI results not only be a negative Nancy but. Nothing is determined until the doctor as that Norman is and he's able to look at this that the structure of that me. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. The Redskins are struggling in third downs this year twenty ninth in the league in third down efficiency but. They're running far fewer third down plays and they have in years past why because they're tops in the league in yards per play on first down. Any coach tell you getting a second and short opens up the entire playbook. Third downs toughest down in football I mean there's there's just not. He did the defense doesn't have to defend as much you know you try to mix it up and make the threat Iran and stuff but really when it comes down to a new and they know you gotta throw the ball so you don't get as much of the mr. actions everything your whole offense. When the Redskins used their whole offense everyone's target. Nine different receivers caught a pass against the Ravens even do relish young made a big play down field more Pierzynski. Lol you know anybody. Can indeed get to play the ball and do something witty you know like Xavier why. You know since fullbacks and is Leyland seen so I mean is great it's fun as it's like your other point with your buddies you know I mean and everybody does not to be successful and you know that there's not one like featured guy you often to like successful players. Big plays have become almost routine for this offense with so much attention on the quarterback and linebackers and safeties cheating up to stop the run. Receivers continue to find themselves wide open. Reopened you are not out to invest more slugger says 'cause 'cause the will be put on tape you know Larry making plays all across the board. So you got players on this you can double anyone's guess when you double somebody people just won't be Merchant builds up a lot of holes has got to be a lot of sometimes aphorisms I was Josh Thomas out Drew me. So it's that's just don't coaches doing a great time out and plays and right time. Having so many options is exactly what the Redskins coaching staff had envisioned. Josh Morgan said surprised by this they're just doing what they're brought here to do. With the Redskins rob Carlin CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Shanahans: RGIII looking 'better' in practice

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    CSN Washington dot com. Better you into more comfortable long. He was he was the obvious here and have a good feeling that it can play is so full strength. If you can do them and hopefully if Robert's healthy enough to play the positions. And he can protect himself and won't cause any harm to his knees and now when out there of course and I know he wants to be out there but I think it comes down says their risk of him hurt himself more and I'm Kenny protect himself. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Joining me now is NBA insider do you correct December's been a tough month for the Wizards their 213 with theirs well where you the most improvement. If this number was a tough month what was November. See things turning up and the reason I see them turning up. Is is largely because the play and their big men Kevin Seraphin. Has just grown a week by week and then is back from injury and he's given them something so. That depth on the front line along with Jordan Crawford. Demonstrating that he can score and shoot. just about anybody at this point. That combination has been just enough to turn the tide didn't mind would even go through November they were in games until the last six minutes or so. Crawford and his scoring and the ability to get some things around the rim from the big men that has allowed them. It's actually closed some games. We did they were losing previously. Well they are still waiting for the return of John Wall on Friday he's gonna see doctor David I'll check in New York he could be cleared or could be cleared to practice. And be ready to play. I would be very surprised if that happens my sources tell me that. Best is the best case scenario is that he starts the beginning of that 2013. Year calendar year. And that they just move forward their concern is that while he's able to do some things right now. That he has sort of the same condition that Blake Griffin had this summer before he came out and then. Fractured his kneecap and had to miss an entire year so it's not as if he's that far away. But because he means so much to them. That would be very cautious in bringing him back to wanna make sure that all the pain is gone before he plays again and that's simply not the case yet. What effects from the Wizards are the Lakers and who would've thought these guys would have been struggling with that lineup do you think this is a game. That's the Wizards might be able this deal at home in front of their crowd. They very well could because the Lakers right now. Without Steve Nash without power Gasol and without Mike. The basically practice witnessed since he's taken over they have not had. More than one day between games and a lot of road games so. Give me Wizards come with the same mindset that they did. Against the Miami Heat where they realize we may be the lesser talented teams that we have to do everything. Synchronize together and give maximum effort they're certainly capable of knocking off this wounded Lakers team at this time all right Rick thank you very much for your time. You're welcome. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Jill Sorenson

    Thu, 13 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Everybody Jill Sorenson for CSN Washington dot com for the second straight day Robert Griffin the third practiced for the Redskins. Head coach Mike Shanahan remained mostly tight lipped about his QB's progress but he did give an update on how Griffin looked. Better you into more comfortable and excuse you improve your obvious from you and have a good feeling that it can play is so full strength. you can do them and Oakland they have Robert's healthy enough to play the positions. And he can protect himself and won't cause any harm to his then. Mean I want him out there of course and I know he wants to be out there but I think it comes down says their risk of him hurt himself more and I'm protect himself. And that'll do it from here on the Comcast sports net studios I'm Jill Sorenson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.