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Sun, 9 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. We figure out the FedEx Field inland over Maryland to join our rob Carlin and rob it's a bit of very simply this was a football game.

is a fantastic football game from beginning right until the last second but I don't know fake fan base can be more anxious. Following a thrilling overtime come from behind win -- In this Redskins fan bases they await the next 24 hours collectively holding their breath hoping for good news. About RG three I did see him in the hallway after the game he was walking around much better Phillies who -- here on the sidelines she was smiling. He was -- he was joking so RG three himself now. We'll wait and hope for some good news just like everyone else.

You know -- if you have campaign. They constantly puts on the same spot so. No I -- here now here yes for the fourteenth time it hurts there. But no it's always felt like my ligaments also -- good. -- out of what -- MRI says and it's so one might still look good then he seemed like this that I assume the positive vibes from them. -- assume you found positive vibes from the team. Just effectively won the game makes him until a better.

I've heard it -- us. So -- on offense and you know. He only goes ego obviously so. You know transform hopefully he's okay and you make speedy recovery. He noted his health it is it is the most important thing you know not really worried about getting them back down field -- won't be --

While we all wait for the MRI results the Redskins now know they have another playmaker and Kirk cousins to believe though it's been developing all season.

There's no doubt that it's think he did you mean by some veterans that they believe in me and if if my name -- to -- called. -- believe I can get it done and that means the world but. Com you know first and foremost Roberts -- doing an awesome job in the end I have a lot to live up to if my number does get called because of the way he's played.

Cousins wasn't the only new got to make the play when his number was called Richard Crawford 64 yard punt return set up the game winning field goal.

Even though he missed the chance to endear himself.

Are at a desk now why did you feel no -- our home away haven't I'm never gets I mean he's economies -- in practice and Oakland boys weren't around good. On the way I have has got sire.

They play coming he step Democrats -- a kiss in the tournament because it possibly played on the big situation. He's a reason why we won a game in overtime.

That punt returns as possible for -- and -- that set up the field goals so. He kind of Crawford for you know getting in position to do that you know it was -- because of the moments that tickets won. And in the coming got to take advantage it's.

So the Redskins and is handled their business during the game now we wait here's RG three getting in a car and leaving. FedEx Field after the game the MRI results is what everyone will wait for tomorrow obviously Mike Shanahan. We'll meet the media as he does everywhere people I've Shanahan live at 3 o'clock myself and Brian Mitchell will bring that tomorrow everyone I'm sure will be watching us. CSN Washington dot com.

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