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Gibbs likes the direction the Redskins are heading



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Mon, 10 Dec 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Good to see. What did you why quote did this year in just a few seconds but yeah you gotta be happy what's going on right here right now with this organization. I think everybody is a Redskins fans are excited. And you know RG three and all of that can just -- it seems like I felt like yes it was just. A great performance clutch performance. And I feel like you know watch -- he got there I think the greatest sports franchise of the best and greatest fans and I think they're excited. Right now you -- feeling good you can feel that you didn't RG three medium and I was a year that's pretty good quarterbacks in your day when you watch him what do you think. Well first of all every time I go someplace we're joined the banquet in Las Vegas for our NASCAR thanks to what everybody's doing I'm walking through the lobby and hotels they're going. Yeah about that RG I think it's all of that and I go way yeah. Out what I see is you know somebody I said look impressed me and is loses first game. That he plays his approach has the -- down there tough place to go he's very good football team you're playing against him. He just seems so smooth Andy's. Looked like you belong and you -- like this is no big deal. You can tell he stands up for his teammates and any game and do it dropped some balls and stuff. I think he seems to have all that -- right away and Dan he's a gifted Catholic Church -- They've won four straight you've been part of many winning streaks how do you what's what is the feeling when you're when you're like that and how close did you keep going. I think is a confidence thing because they these were a good football teams are forced very. And I think the second thing that really helps you at this point this season -- -- the players can see the end. And I say this is what we had duty in the playoffs. And I think that really helps -- coach. Aside I'd say you know they're confidence is up and I think you know their fight hard and talking to coach Mike there and he feels very good about the team -- so I think the fans here obviously help you get that stadium yeah things are going to have to. So. I think they see the end I think they'll go hard and I think they're gonna take a great run at this. He -- for a guy has been very honest you're here today in an -- and I guess tomorrow as -- important -- straight university. Money financial education kind of things for. Guys in this league and just -- -- -- -- this team your very honest about your own finances back in the day were didn't even make the proper. Adjustments that are what are you trying to get across these players. We're trying to really lay out countless seminar this just three days. And what it what it is this question and -- is the basic really our basic game plan as for making good decisions. Financially if you think about a lot of these guys they're young. And it's hard to focus on the future Hillary don't you think about the day now my cars went -- what what can I get with this. And we're trying to get him because see out the future. And lay out a plan of and then make really good decision is literally out some ways that you can keep from getting. And a bad situation NL. So I think it's just to have basic common sense I and I think guys are coming or get -- out of it. -- thank you -- I saw a lot of probably the fifteen years I coached here -- A lot of players here. And a number of you know had bad TV situations where they've made a bad decision financially we're trying to prevent that from happening. Drugs Joseph Gibbs and I know that the locker room that these guys have right now. Lot of guys are gonna listen no there there there's no no it factor in the locker subscription. I'm glad you're talking of that coach Garcia to -- -- with coach in the coming days but Joseph gives doing the right thing here talking with the players about their finances. And a -- in these two Shanahan and im talking about being in this through a lot of things happen in this room that approached us so we can't speak from. CSN Washington dot com.

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