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Mon, 10 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. My style -- out to Ashburn where chick Hernandez has the latest from today -- checked we know how this injury will impact Griffin moving forward.

Not a million dollar question Nigel adults and as you just said there. Robert Griffin is the best news that could hope -- grade one sprain of the right LCL notes here in the ACL or MCL. And of course this comes on the heels of Robert Griffin trying to play the part of Superman. At the end of the game yesterday take you back to yesterday on Sunday -- that is right leg bent like a straw. In the wrong direction Buffalo did not I keep active after missing a play on a second intent from the -- 38 it here -- song for 22 yard -- but lasted just one more play after that. What the sidelines at his leg checked. With fellow rookie Kirk cousins doing his magic and with the first got to be -- cousins actually tied the game Robert Griffin the third set today asked the head coach. What he saw. From field level.

I just knew he was down to you can look at that the next play your Lincoln at the -- the time on on the second -- left and kinda get ready Hillary play I've got some time and let that situation you know there's an injury. You know that you at least got that about a minute and you start talking about substitutions and what you do everything I did see it. I think that look good.

We know Robert party said. On Sunday night on I'll be there Sunday he's gonna tell you he's great ago. You have final say -- has final say -- how do you determine.

A personal doctors always gonna let you know if he thinks he can play without hurting himself. And you gotta make a decision what you think is in the best interest of him and the organization. And that's that's tough sometimes but. I always say what's you know right from the players usually right from the team and you know where I could take any chances -- full speed ready to go.

question is whether he is -- ago course that practice on Wednesday and Thursday as the game plan for the Cleveland Browns swelling in that knee would determine exactly how we go forward here with Robert Griffin the third of course Kirk cousins. Is a pretty good back up we should six. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Feel like to win game in overtime to the Washington Redskins it's more than ever expected. I still can't ask him yet and generally get back to working just a huge win for us. You miss and in practice I do actually that's been anything but but I say I get to get him out of the way and president yeah. It was what was going through your mind as you knew after the punt return for Richard Crawford you were already in field goal range after admit that return. just wanna you know secured a little more get a little closer but. It was just you know a great kick return that set it up on our punt returns aren't. And I mean they made my job easy. Start today but tell us about that punt return. That really put the team in position to win the game tell us about it first foremost and score. As much as a Bagwell and I'm not a great in my teammates on from blocking you know I credit Brandon Banks who he was on the sideline have you and everything and you do. Thomas could see me right there so I present branding and my teammates. Looks like you might run against you the then there was go through your mind at that point. That left on the grass I got tackled by I wanna kick the ball was kind of simply known. I'm just glad that we won you know anything to do get to win a salsa there. You're gonna hear from your teammates today running out again should know that yeah especially since I'm hopeful let him play there would. I mean yeah coming here. CSN Washington dot com.