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Alfred Morris on RG3's status and the possibility of Cousins starting...



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Tue, 11 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Alfred what's it like being at an event like this you know giving back to the community they can't -- you know need to stay -- this winter. Hi this is fun it's easy dummy I want seasons these fusion of coming up as the key and just needs to me out of my fans know we're really hard so I love you know. Given backs vision when is he is not as loving sister when isn't you know I need in Florida we don't -- coast is always want but. In DC does -- freak code mean out -- days that's Barnes is still warm cover them up this is awesome. On and I have to ask them about Christ and well let's hear it goes your initial reaction when you heard that RG three injury wasn't as serious as initially expected. I hardly knew wasn't as seasonal asylum when he went back in a game I was like if he candidacy to be tore something there's no waves of momentum -- -- yet to come back off again. If you to a summit avenue wasn't as serious I wasn't worried about -- some guys. He's trooper and I knew like you just let me as a person I was like I'm surprised he's not back on the field the next game. Now that you say he'd be surprised but if cousins was to play vs the Browns how confident are you cut it. I'm very confident one OTA's all time -- was roll back into the hotel and I looked -- I was like. Know him a great quarterback in as the -- with the greatest chance of another another team Utley and a great quarterback and he's like they suffered on those so that's sockeye from nine maker. And heading into Cleveland they're five and eight you guys are riding a lot of momentum do you think it's a little bit of a trap game what should we expect to see -- I know is not a trap game because. This isn't a -- any given Sunday anybody can you be so you have you can't underestimate an opponent regardless to read about giving 10 game. Distill his opponent is still a game be played in the best team -- that goals that didn't. You know I used to hit the least amount of -- you. Is used to this this team is gonna win and I know that as we have as you would MI -- -- not taking. Aeneas means -- to remember now who whatever team -- can't understand we know our situation and we know we have to win now and we take -- one game at a time Cleveland Browns next on our radar. And I was just more from there. CSN Washington dot com.

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