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Wed, 12 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com mom took it you know. And plus seasons. At that stage. Creative -- skills and so. You know after watching -- and watch the replay to last them so then it is well. That is one. Of the coolest. And it's them so. -- It's it's gotten better today. Which is a positive -- for me. You know Sunday night. Thought there was -- chance. You know well next week and then Monday morning. It's. You really good so just depends on your play continued progress -- much revisited. It's you know I -- leave that to coach to say that united enough. And the you know I did enough to to give myself the confidence to. You know push it you know tomorrow and then on -- Bradford. Did you feel like yourself. Yeah I thought myself every day so. -- he. Yeah -- is a bargain confidence mechanism you know I plan on getting confidence back and relatively quickly so. -- just got to go out there and continued to progress the reader. Com knocking -- on the sideline you know after the game. Even after that boy. You know it was great to see him out there. And you know -- did and a lot of people who were sharp don't think on this team start. You know he prepares himself. You know we got a great quarterback and so and I'm really proud of him and and Rex and coach her for help them out of there and you know we won again excellent.

Doctors who chants of sustaining another injury or worse injury to play on this and how much of that factored conclusions.

On really haven't talked to me much about I don't know. You know 2009 runs to -- my ACL and and I wanted to come back employee. You know two weeks after that awful. Mean you know then you have good chance of lets them do -- that with the with the great -- seal -- it's. You know I don't know if there is if you had if you are in danger of -- of the other ligaments that you know our version and -- from there.

Our walk around in -- assault on the football field you feel you on. Can you had a they're all kind of play serve -- if he he noticed he had an injury.

Not resist you know on a Sunday night Monday you know you definitely notice it that you know -- the more than leg loosens up to more than. The swelling goes down the more you progress the more you can do. Normal things -- getting out of bed and walking up steps during all those things and I use as a little gauge. To CR can. You know come out perform and I it's -- a lot easier for me you know a walk -- steps and only walked around normally -- him. Running plays second run back into all those things so. Marcus on some have is on order and.

Yeah planet there was not a problem -- one. You know. Did some plan and -- you know days. Obvious are the way where it it's. That is that he has no -- CSN Washington dot com.

extremely competitive nature that you know you want to be out there for every snap on Sunday -- What has happened youth in the past ACL and -- you how you physically feel what the doctors say where is that balance.

in the -- it's all balanced I don't know how I can put it that you know what the doctors say it means a lot to me how I feel. -- a lot to me in -- past couple -- Based on the -- the anonymous. -- with -- doctors and knows this is about being Smart you know during the game you know through the past appeared on the film. You know Atlanta down the film I knew I needed to get out of the game sardonic -- And is just about that is not just about -- of army plane and being out there it's about the team and you know fossil -- that team the best chance to win them -- play and fight and you know make sure I'm sure my safety out there and my health in my. You know my career then you know are brought them play and if not you know.

I think it's different for everybody. Not Allard puts on injured. As them you know play on Sunday who knows. We'll see what happens. You know one -- that. Would be. Which is very player instincts so much. The lie here athletic ability so much back there. Do you find that the injury creep into him and distorts those and how quickly you know you can act -- his instincts and if that's the case is that a sign that you would be able to play.

Not. You know about so many people -- more than just a runner more than just an athletic Korver so. Don't have to go out there and prove that anybody. Well I think one -- able to make instinctive moves and think about it and you know I couldn't do that 2000. Awfully CO can control my movement ever. Had to make you know quick decision couldn't really play goes so. Try to do a little bit of that you know whenever you can't see you play here or plan that you can make a certain movement. Can you make that explosives. And -- would do that today. You know -- it and do it you know more more -- we. In practice the same way. Not necessarily the word -- and it. Argument in an instinctive move based on you know come Rangers. Or offensive lineman. Those things that you have to do do without thinking about -- and not in the car. This thing. Consider. Now I play. Mason and it it's a different tone in your season record doesn't matter doesn't you know gauge where you play and you try to save yourself for the next season. Or play. I think the days are taken that mentality. In the -- just play and so you know. -- 76 here in. Atomic -- astronomical for the men in on -- their team. That. Experience is it you know if -- You know one of the year after of nuclear bombs on used to you know I gotta get back he's -- played on before. I think it will tell me unified to decide that diverts them.

Healthy all season with a major narratives of the running around things like that and you're just going back to that play always say the game's on the line. -- gulf war in 98 at thirteen seed would you do everything is saying witches try to decide the coaches than anything obviously trying to win the game in the fourth quarter. I'm curious as those extra couple trips trying to dive forward it's what we thought out and play it.

I was frustrated. You know first of all -- you doesn't it hurt so. You know it's frustrating when I got out because I was getting down and that's what can happen anybody wasn't like I was where into the last -- got it like admitting it's Atlanta. Or anything like that you know -- get down and -- my -- came up and in -- so it's like. You know that that was an unfortunate part of it. You know I think the one -- you have to realizes football is a physical sport and there's a lot of quarterbacks out there that. That aren't necessarily the runners that are playing right now for the Rangers so. It's not just because you know Malone -- athletic in. And I can move around it that nom I'm more prone to injuries. There's a lot of quarterbacks out of it -- the dome was so. You know look at it that way you know try to get down since I turned and I knew there's a lot of the Ravens coming after me so. Is it was just unfortunate so you know make sure I continued to play. Play safe play the way I haven't and so -- you've got to expect -- expects to play on Sunday. I -- that you know don't want. The first I don't wanna give the Cleveland Browns the competitive management. I don't want. You know I don't know anybody down so don't say that though of these linemen and a --

really hurt Q did you see the replay of the entry with your. -- going back rather unnatural directions.

Now wants to -- that a couple times maybe if since then every time hopefully it's a citizen and RG three have been real or it's you know try not to watch it anymore.

how much does it help your development and is that you were. Both have been rookies. Going through. The -- they don't hit it in other words are installing something -- you for a proposed two rookies at the same times above you can mourn together.

is it worked out like coach wanted it to you got two guys come and and so. Tom were both -- when the system you know both of -- in different ways. And it's just been great a great relationship with me Kuerten and Rex you know the two young guys and in the ten year -- so and it's it's been a great the great quarterback room and you know I think we all get along the way. It's. I don't play if I can play. You know I think. Come on here and and into what I did in practice is kind of a showcase you know for you guys to see him move around and you know and I'm not on -- there -- more left and anything like that but it's also for them see that. You know I'm okay. That if I do step -- between those lines that they don't have to worry about me now they are naturally just because you know in my teammates that. You know I don't want them to think chemical must often in harm's way if I can't golf perform.

And mark Robert were doing a special on Martin Luther King Day. And I just wanted to ask you a couple of courses. Many people in our society. Are defined by their race and the fact that you have not allowed yourself. To be defined by year's race how does that help shape you -- it and.

It's. You know you guys like Martin Luther King junior you know helped shape my dignity. Your identity you know things is that he's done you know for for this country. It's not just -- African Americans it's helped everybody that's -- us -- our perspective our viewpoints on life. Com and you know for me it was just you know you don't ever wanna be defined by the color skin. You know you wanted to -- mare were just with the person that you are in your character. Your personality. No that's roster are to to go out and do you know I'm an African American. And America and you know that'll never change but I don't have to be defined -- now.

Why is it but with so many African American Redskins fans. Love you not only because of the way you play but because of the fact that your African American how much do you relate to those -- and how relevant races to that.

You know I'm I'm I -- relevant. How much races is relevant to them. You know I don't ignore it. You know -- try not to be defined by but I understand different perspectives and how people view different things so I understand that you know they're excited that. You know their quarterback is an African American and you know you know play with a lot of pride a lot of character you know a lot of heart. So I understand that and I you know I appreciate them for being fans and and not just fans because of the American.

Last won many fans and analysts have been tried to almost put you in a box as an African American quarterback. Why is that definition that you don't embrace.

Tom and I don't know nemesis. They're gonna try to compare. You know we always try to find similarities in life you know no matter what it is. So they're always gonna try to put you in a box with other African American quarterbacks in victory Newton Randall Cunningham Warren Moon -- You know there's guys like like the guys just mentioned Mormon and a Williams who really didn't run that much you know and yeah I think that's the the negative stereotype when it comes south American quarterbacks that you know most it was just around. And how those guys through and around you know I like to think Arkansas around a little bit. And you know that's that's the goal just to go out and not try to prove anybody wrong -- just answered your talents dusty --

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