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Kirk Cousins will be ready if his name is called...



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Wed, 12 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Not a good thing you know. So really blessed to Sonoma sustained. The grid of a manager that I did the grade one I'll still spring so. You know after watching the hit -- get to watch the replay it's a last I had MRI so I think that was a good idea as well. And you know like a solar Royals have is Carmen -- on Monday. -- -- -- blessed to have the engine that -- look at that at some of the times on Sunday night. You know I thought there was probably no chance. You know I can play the next week in and -- Monday morning don't feel better about it. And yes that's a better run of their film you really good about it so it just depends on you know if I continue to -- slam. All right TV's rob Carlin joins us now live from as -- with the very latest on a RG three will take -- -- the Cleveland this week you and rob. That's the million dollar question around these parts are we any closer to an answer. -- the honest answer is. We don't know yet that's exactly the way the Redskins want the good news is is Roberts said he was able to plant and throw today he was able to make what he called an explosive first that. These are all things he's gonna use to judge himself on throughout this week. We don't know who got more -- Kirk cousins said he was told not to talk about that so we don't know the exact numbers. But let's be real here it's only Wednesday the first step in this process and there's no reason to the skins. To give anything away today. The first -- wanna give the Cleveland Browns a competitive ran engines. I don't want. You know I don't know anybody down so don't say that -- plan and then in -- -- one. Day one of RG three watch and we got a thumbs up we got a solution. And even got a friendly waved to the media what we didn't get is any indication that he'd be ready to play come Sunday. With a suit. Utley finding me and I I got asked coach art and city -- unit. String this out as long as possible even if you already made a decision. Probably. -- of the gamesmanship begin tomorrow RG three was smiling and moving fairly well. Expect this to go right up until game time but he didn't look much healthier than anyone would have predicted on Sunday evening I -- his limited. But I was impressed with the how he worked and what he did it can't be surprised much now our dues and he's a great guy great player stronger act. Wants to be out there on the field he's into the given reacted like it -- just did like regardless of the mass Sosa. As -- definite some guy just was trying to position quarterback you know who those Sam you know using -- C. What I see and that's of morals and limit the -- and out of them. If this knee sprain into being Kryptonite to the -- Superman Kirk cousins showed brief flashes and secure your steals beat the Ravens. Be ready his numbers call. Include playing with the style -- play. Back out Peyton Manning or Tom Brady who have been so stable for so long so. I I treated as I got to be ready. So the Redskins we'll just have to let this week play out Mike Shanahan has a very tough job this week because he has to balance what's best for the Redskins. Compared to what's best for RG three although would've been fitting today on 121212. Did you say that number twelve Kirk cousins would start. We did not get that there was we all wait to see the condition I don't know protect our bobbled the gamesmanship begin. The Cleveland Browns all watched it got to prepare for what quarterbacks on Sunday CSN Washington dot com.

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