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Redskins Insider, Tarik El Bashir with more insight on RG3's injury...



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Wed, 12 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Today I feel. Really good about those comments courtesy of Robert Griffin the third following his first day of practice since suffering a grade one LCL injury albeit. He was in a limited capacity Wednesday question is how Long -- the Redskins way to keep the Browns guessing before making a call on if the rookie will indeed go Sunday. More on that CSN Washington Redskins insider Tariq -- this year joins us now from residents part of more. Tariq yesterday you came on the -- you -- get a good feeling that Robert was not going to play. Did that change if you watched him play today or at least go to practice it. You know Chris -- iconic.

I I would say there's probably a high likelihood that he's gonna play after what we saw today I mean anyone who saw him. Leave FedEx Field hobbled with that big brace on his right knee after the game Sunday who probably thought there was no way he was gonna practice on Wednesday. Finley gets down to the field and you see him doing leg lifts you -- doing me a list. He seemed squatting all the way down he was able to make throws in May and -- that right foot while he made those throws a mean if you didn't know that he has suffered a knee injury if you wouldn't have thought any anything of it. The only giveaway was the fact that he had a knee brace on that on that knee and it was quite. Stick so you could see it through his hands so that's something he's gonna have to deal with you know for running quarterback that could be an issue although he told me that he -- it. It's for the entire 2010 season at Baylor that was a year after he tore his ACL. CSN Washington dot com.

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