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DeMaurice Smith reacts to the NFL bounties ruling



CSN Washington dot com. A day after former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue lifted the suspensions of before saints' player's name prominently in the team's bounty program. The NFL PA executive director is reacting to the news. Jill Sorenson is here now with more on the more Smith's comments to deal. What do mr. Smith have to say today. While obviously Chris he's happy that the suspensions were vacated but he doesn't necessarily feel. Lake it's a win because he was upset about the way that the players' names were drug through the mud and he was upset with the way that the investigation was conducted. For nine months they've been subjected to. The national football league's relentless publicity campaign. That basically painted them and and let's remember. Though the league Peña Upton supposedly twenty of their players. As a marauding group of thugs who it could quote unquote contracts on the head of their fellow teammates. In the National Football League. And and wild today we are now at a point where. Former commissioner Tagliabue. Lift did the suspensions but the fact is the league hasn't said it was sorry. The league hasn't offered to demonstrate the proof that they had for the the -- it's actually accusations they had against the players early on. And if you -- -- one of these players who for the last nine months. Had to sit there and here this relentless barrage of things that we now we know what. Are not true. You would be upset you would be angry so. What do you make of the fact that Jeff -- but just came out and said. We disagree. With Talley whose findings. And by the way there was absolutely a bounty program. Well he's he. Jeff's a great player. And I'm sure and actually know that that he gets paid a lot to do his job and he doesn't extremely well. And my guess is those were exactly the talking points that he was told to deliver. But. I've read the transcripts my hope is -- read the transcripts. It's interesting that he would say that a bounty. Existed when we know for example in the case of Scott -- of that. Ultimately in order to get around boom -- ruling of the three judge panel Scott for Jeter wasn't. Even alleged to be a participant about. He was alleged to have contributed money to a program four tackles and sacks and and other pay for performance issues. So Dumars -- still insisting that there isn't about -- program -- And also he is insisting and urging the league to release those transcripts you heard him talk about related to the investigations of the public can see. Out what the investigators found as well. Jill Sorenson join us with very -- the comments of the NFL PA executive director DeMaurice Smith Jill thank you. CSN Washington dot com.



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