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Wed, 12 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. He basically said -- further complication is it is unclear exactly mesh with the same thing so he had to testify that -- about it. I don't think so. -- You know I demanded that actually the thing yesterday -- that's -- job.

The league also content.

that in determining whether for -- engage in conduct detrimental.

Huge victory for you guys yesterday. But. Why don't we want to take away from us now. -- the suspensions has have been vacated. But we've been throw. Nine months of hearing that there's been a bounty program and these guys have committed these.

Cherished right. Well lucky -- I look at it from the perspective of of our players for nine months they've been subjected to. The national football league's relentless publicity campaign. That basically painted them and and let's remember. Though the league -- up to supposedly twenty of their players. As a marauding group of thugs who it put quote unquote contracts on the head of their fellow teammates. In the National Football -- And and wild today we are now at a point where. Former commissioner Tagliabue. Lifted the suspensions but the fact is the league hasn't said it was sorry. The league hasn't offered to demonstrate the proof that they had for the the Spurrier is actually accusations they had against the players early on. And if you wore ire of one of these players who for the last nine months. Had to sit there and here this relentless barrage of things that we now know what. Are not true. You would be upset you would be angry so on one hand there is are they certainly happy. That the suspensions have been lifted. Yes. But I'm not sure that they are satisfied. Given the fact that they now know because they have read the transcript as I have. They now know just how sloppy this investigation was. They know that the investigators. Started out with the outcome that they wanted to achieve. That through a course of either asking selected questions or or bizarrely not asking. Questions to any first -- investigator would have asked. They ended up producing a quote unquote report that certainly reach the outcome that they had pre determined that they wanted to reach. From and and after looking at the evidence now myself. I'm stunned. At the horrendous. Quality. Of the way in which the league went about conducting their business.

What did the NFL investigators not ask that they they said about because I mean for ten years that was basically your career was at least. Not if not investigating overseeing investigation.

And a lot of investigations. Go look at it it is all about. Making a decision to let the facts lead you to the outcome instead of pre determining the outcome. And then selectively choosing facts and that's exactly what they did this investigation. When you look through the record when you look at the transcript of a cross examination. You find it investigators who didn't ask the right questions -- find investigators from simply look to corroborate their preconceived notions. And frankly you had investigators -- just failed to ask fundamental questions that I would have expected from. Rookie detective them and in those things are things that are troubling you know particularly when. The league under talks such an aggressive PR campaign to. Bring in these individuals as people who let's let's get it completely right. They were out to deliberately injure other players and that's what the weeks ahead. Tom when you look at all of this you we now know that that wasn't true. And and while I have read the book commissioner Tagliabue is report. The facts are in the transcripts. So.

What do you make of the fact that Jeff -- but just came out and said. We disagree. With Talley whose findings. And by the way there was absolutely a bounty program.

Well he he. Jeff's a great lawyer. And I'm sure and actually know that that he gets paid a lot to do his job he does it extremely well. And my guess is those were exactly the talking points that he was told to deliver. But. I've read the transcripts my hope is just read the transcripts. It's interesting that he would say that a bounty. Existed when we know for example in the case of Scott -- that. Ultimately in order to get around -- Ruling of the three judge panel Scott -- wasn't. Even alleged to be a participant about. He was alleged to have contributed money to a program four tackles and sacks and and other pay for performance issues so. Look I can certainly understand why right now -- are in a major amount of damage control they should be. Tom I also heard his comments that it's a win win for both sides. My guess is that if someone would have accused. Jeff from being dishonest player. And later on those charges would have found been found to be not true. I'm not sure he would consider to be win win he would be deeply concerned and heard about the allegations about his integrity just like our players are. He would be. Legitimately concerned. About. The integrity. Of his employer that led to those. Conclusions. And I'm I'm quite sure that he would never consider it to be a a win win. If someone. Engaged in -- he had deliberate media campaign that we know that was not true. So moving forward. If an issue were to come up again like -- how is this going to be handled differently how do you want to be handled differently. And I mean investigated I mean. From the top from the bottom to the top -- and look. I can tell you that my conversations with the league win this thing broke. Was was pretty straightforward and simple. Are represented we were present every player in the national football. Players in this league have absolutely no toleration for players who would be engaged in a program to deliberately injure another player. We have just as much if not more. Of an interest in making sure that this doesn't happen in the National Football League does. Again what's -- want. If there was. A specific program to deliberately injure players the people who were gonna suffer from such a program. Are the people who were part of this union. None of the owners were on the field for the field to play. On none of the owners and certainly nobody in the league office. Would be a recipient of some so called about. So for the players of this this league the people who go out and and engage in. In a game in a business that has its own -- none of them have a toleration for this. So you know my message to lead from early on was conduct the right investigation. Submit the witnesses for cross examination. I'm you have an interest in being transparent. If there is specific proof that players engaged in this thing you actually have an incentive for the players of the National Football League to be a part of this. The league resisted. The league didn't wanna be. Engaged in in a system where you actually test the credibility of -- witness. The league didn't want our program. That was transparent on the record about the evidence of the league didn't want to subject there. Investigators to cross examination the league went out and hired. A New York lawyer to stand up and give a press conference. About data that she had not read. Well what I did I understand when the league has an interest to make people believe the facts as they want to believe them. But the system of justice that all of us grow up and that the system of fairness that you and I didn't and every American believes and is one where. Vote at the very least the person who was accused of doing something wrong has the opportunity to cross examine. Of the evidence and to meet his accusers. I'm I'm happy that that Roger recused himself.

I'm certainly happy that commissioner Tagliabue. Made the lead turn over documents and made the league.

Present evidence but let's not kid ourselves. The National Football League did not want to engage in any part of the process. That ultimately resulted. And our players being tolerated. And and that's a disappointment. Because it demonstrates. That.

They are not interested. In the fundamental fairness to you and I was --

CSN Washington dot com.

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