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Bucher: Thanks to big men, Wiz are trending up



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Thu, 13 Dec 2012|



Csnwashington.com. Joining me now is NBA insider -- do you correct December's been a tough month for the Wizards their 213 with theirs well where you -- the most improvement. If this number was a tough month what was November. See things turning up and the reason I see them turning up. Is is largely because the play and their big men Kevin Seraphin. Has just grown a week by week and then -- is back from injury and he's given them something so. That depth on the front line along with Jordan Crawford. Demonstrating that he can score and shoot. -- just about anybody at this point. That combination has been just enough to turn the tide didn't mind would even go through November they were in games until the last six minutes or so. Crawford and his scoring and the ability to get some things around the rim from the big men that has allowed them. It's actually closed some games. We did they were losing previously. Well they are still waiting for the return of John Wall on Friday he's gonna see doctor David I'll check in New York he could be cleared or could be cleared to practice. And be ready to play. I would be very surprised if that happens my sources tell me that. Best is the best case scenario is that he starts the beginning of that 2013. Year calendar year. And that they just move forward their concern is that while he's able to do some things right now. That he has sort of the same condition that Blake Griffin had this summer before he came out and then. Fractured his kneecap and had to miss an entire year so it's not as if he's that far away. But because he means so much to them. That would be very cautious in bringing him back to wanna make sure that all the pain is gone before he plays again and that's simply not the case yet. What effects from the Wizards are the Lakers and who would've thought these guys would have been struggling with that lineup do you think this is a game. That's the Wizards might be able this deal at home in front of their crowd. They very well could because the Lakers right now. Without Steve Nash without power Gasol and without Mike. The basically practice witnessed since he's taken over they have not had. More than one day between games and a lot of road games so. Give me Wizards come with the same mindset that they did. Against the Miami Heat where they realize we may be the lesser talented teams that we have to do everything. Synchronize -- together and give maximum effort they're certainly capable of knocking off this wounded Lakers team at this time all right Rick thank you very much for your time. You're welcome.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back rob joined our CSN Washington dot com Redskins insider tar heel this year it's heart. The seven game win streak has been remarkable it's been a lot of fun to be around answers there's a lot of different reasons why they've. Played better over the street if you had to pick the one thing that jumps out you it's been the biggest difference what would have been it would have to be the improvement on defense. I mean you know before the break they're averaging a with a 27. Points a game. They've been yielding twenty points a game since the break. That would rank eighth in the NFL right now I mean they would be one of the elite did deacons is right now. So all the adjustments that Jim has it needs dramatically but he also seemed to make the players sleep better someone coaxed him up during that break. I don't know if it was getting away. And maybe look at themselves but you look you look at DeAngelo Hall right now vs the player we saw on the first that two different players. I mean you know Jim has whatever he did he's he's the reason for the turnaround I library I think RG three deservedly so gets all the headlines Alfred Morris that Dallas game. But the way the defense has stepped up I don't know if it's confidence that the game plan and But absolutely it's been like two different teams out there. You know to take we can't look past takeaways during this winning streak. They have twelve takeaways I mean that's wouldn't be does. And when you have a very good offense and it's ranked fourth in scoring and your costly taking the ball away from the other team and giving it back to RG three sophomores. You're gonna win more games you're gonna lose or in their case you're gonna keep winning you know so. The takeaways have been. Absolutely isn't. We always talk about it is is a good team lead to a loose team is what this team lead to a good team it's a chicken and the egg that you always gonna debate that. This team is though. Every week in the locker laughing and joking music on dancing trying to make into the lap during interviews. Do you see that as part of a confident team that. Understands. They're good because they prepare well I like you know wild like it because there's consistency. They have won seven games in a row and there's nothing different about that locker room on Tuesday but Wednesday it's the scene every single week and you're right they are loose I mean we were in there on Wednesday. And Robert Griffin the third disclose past the media singing. you know and accommodating it's not well knows it wasn't up RG three yeah But I mean it just speaks to how loose the room is and you know October the capitals for a number of years. And every time around the playoffs would very much and coach tightened up and that tightened up. And just never worked out one it didn't because they changed the way they prepared to change the Whitney talk to one another. I just like the fact they have players that either even keel and not much has changed Seattle is out in the Pacific northwest we don't see that much on TV we don't know much about them other than Russell Wilson. Marshawn Lynch that you start. During your research and you look at almost every level out there loaded this is a really good football team. Absolutely nothing really jumps off the page your comparing stats is that defense. Fifteen point three points a game I mean that's almost two points better than the 49ers. They've got some big cornerbacks they got parking safeties it's a big guys up front that just gobble up running backs. I mean it's gonna be a challenge now. The chess match is going to be intriguing to it to watch unfold. Because. They haven't played each other this year you know also the Seahawks they're seeing the pistol for the first time. And vice Versa so. You know I'm really looking forward to seeing how things play out but that that Nazi defense scary yeah everyone's saying around the country this is the most intriguing game of the week and I agree that. Let me ask this before we let you go we've asked we have Kyle Shanahan this you can flip flopped a little bit. If you had to pick one Redskins rookie offensive player of the year. Ten or 46 guy you know it would be really tough. But I have to Robert Griffin just because the quarterback position is so sophisticated so complicated. You know. Not to take anything away from because we've seen is growth we've seen him go from a guy. Who was hesitant back here waiting for a hole to open and now he's so decisively spam is right there one cut up the field. His growth has been remarkable but from day one Robert Geathers come into Washington DC this is my team and I look back. Training camp to her when Brian scooped up that fumble and start running the other way during eleven on eleven scrimmage. And only person who turnaround and sprinted down the field was third keel out at the goal line. He's that that was his moment of seeing guys that salary and do it now that I'm here I'm the leader follow. The good thing for Redskins nation. Your shoes and got argent and now from Martin's going to be together for a long long time great point for tar heel this year I'm rob grown to expect you. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. In here in this building just. That place and there's I have no phone call for army assists this month against those Almost Utah's the You have an appreciative of the guys there the former teammates it's not that despite and so we knew what team has always been open and friends. And also can kotsay were victims of us are solely we are still friends and also you know Taylor into the wars tomorrow. There's no bled blood for the flow for the the equivalent to expect it to be difficult to play against an interception. To ours are predictable loaded walk him this post some of those plays were so that's a little bit don't. There's a sub par so that Salem news holes to listen to the person. might have been here. Phillips is is available at Philly I was just in Oklahoma City and goes another day and the the socialism but at all about the you better us team to one CSN Washington dot com.

  3. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Lou Holder

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    CSN Washington dot com. Over one little holder here in the Comcast sports net studios with your Geico sports net central update. Good nose for Wizards fans John Wall participated. In his first contact practice drills of the season. Wall has so far missed the entire season to date but his return is inching closer. And Clemens. And that your Geico sports net central update on the holder for CSN Washington dot com CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Wilson: Lots of similarities in RGIII's game

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    CSN Washington dot com. I definitely we have very similar qualities you know I think that when he does a great job on the football and run the football. You know both some of our game and I think the biggest thing huge you know I'm trying to focus someone I can do to help our football team win and that's my focus this whole entire week. You know I think that that's the biggest thing in terms of all the hype and all the distractions and everything you know just being focused on what we control like control to help our football team went. CSN Washington dot com.