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CSN Washington dot com. It was supposed to be a fairy tale story. With Steve Nash and Dwight Howard moving a lot wallet. Yeah this. I -- I never foresaw. In my life every day. You know I. You know just one lady would always come. You can scooped it appears. And it if she's watching and I'm -- to -- And got off to a Rocky start point guard Steve Nash went down to leg injury -- just the second game of the season. Two questions about the future of Mike Brown staying on its head coach for a -- Mike's a good man. Very hard working maybe one of the hardest working coaches. That I've ever been around. Five games of the season after losing 45. Brown was fired on November night. The bottom line is that the team was not winning at that pace that we expected this team to win. And we didn't see improvement. So much for happy and it's been coaching search was quick. But two man race. My dad Tony and his fast paced offense. What the architect of triangle offense and eleven time NBA head coaching champion Phil Jackson. Who brought five Larry O'Brien trophy to Los Angeles. At this time. I'd like to introduce a new head coach in Los Angeles Lakers. On November 12 the decision was made. The Lakers brass chose Mike did tell him I'm sure you guys -- were built to win this year this is not a project. -- -- -- try to get through. Belly one as did Tony Stevie defeating the Brooklyn nets by -- And -- big game above 500. But it would sound after the veteran all star forward Paul Gasol was disgruntled. And now the Lakers are off to one of their worst starts. In franchise history. Allow me -- you're really. But. Didn't really turn -- -- -- and there. With Kobe staying out of whack. Billick still -- towards the bottom of the association. Of turnovers and assists. Pain free throws it at now LA's defense has looked force and advance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can -- to start already surfaced that he surfaced -- So as the soap opera continues. For the team and purple and gold. Time will only tell -- this script. We'll have a Hollywood it. CSN Washington dot com.



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