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Holy Football: Pastor Ken predicts Redskins vs. Browns



CSN Washington dot com. -- an intense sun and the passenger plane battle through just as campus during all Montgomery county and and we're here previously fallen all the football. And -- I guess the question I'm most of my coupon Redskins is really wealthy and of course under -- Q will marquee free. Played -- -- they -- not practicing and -- athlete in. I -- -- Lin can't answer that he can fight and if he plays I think the Mets can win. On the Browns since I started really poorly really picked up the game when the last three. But I think if you think the we're not that great so I don't think that -- be able to overcome RG three and the Redskins and I'm -- today to present you know when Mets were 21. The seventeenth and you know celebrating something special that campus we're doing on Christmas that you Sunday that we have a whole lot different because in our lobby. And it ties to grab this -- as well some refreshment Parcells come on but we need 4540 but the flip side way. We do that that's -- -- with that Manny and ten point 50 -- there have certainly. Oh. CSN Washington dot com.



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