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Fri, 14 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Well -- seven non football schools in the big east are as good as gone but just where two and went. -- lawyers are now busy interpreting the big east bylaws and what ramifications and it would mean for the program's. But given this latest may have we especially an author John Feinstein if all this conference realignment. Is good for college sports.

It's terrible. For college athletics on traditional rivalries. Have gone by the boards you know Kansas and Missouri don't play anymore Texas and Texas a and M don't play anymore. I mean the next thing we're gonna find his Duke North Carolina in separate leagues the way things are going now does -- make the school's more money. Yes and in the bottom line is the money. There isn't a college president involved in this who wouldn't dive on a quarter in the court in the corner of this room. Given the opportunity that's why all this is happening. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Well it was there's look at it right that eight game losing streak posting the Orlando Magic tonight Jordan Crawford out of the starting lineup once again Randy Wittman instead. Going with Shelvin Mack that's GM Mike Rizzo at the game. He's gonna bring some winning to see some John Wall who unfortunately still in street clothes but. What they've done it was an active Jameer Nelson running the show 23 point. Job Barkley and and magic four point lead magic kept running. Couple this vehicle picked him off from JJ Redick how Oakland for the big slam starting 121 magically. But the Wizards would fight back Jordan Crawford with the sweet Alley you have to Bradley deal with a slam. This is beautiful I think there's one more time up Bradley deal. Yeah I mean and and flushing it down Wizards trailed by just Korea that want more from the Wizards Garrett Temple with a three pointer. Wizards now have taken a one point lead at 5251. Next to Davenport Crawford hit a fade away 5451. How about Crawford. Motivated from the bench 27 points. The icing on the cake. The name no look that's Martel wind Webster for the big dunk. 23 and eleven for The Wizards get back in the win column with a 105987. Win over the magic. Great nose and I Who down really believe in those states whose toughness and assume Rivera back and I did all the little things that matter and we ended up. Stick together we put an end. For our guys do to not put has. You know to grind it we kept talents and every time around long game long game it's. Next time make it close or next time let's make it closer. And they guys that he did image shows the character. You know of these guys that don't. They haven't. You know give me too much. Torre got to worry about whether you bring them and even like start we had. Could easily may view it that way and it's a credit to those CSN Washington dot com.