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Lakers too much for Wizards to handle



  1. Randy Wittman2:23
  2. Martell Webster1:07
  3. Chris Duhon0:15
  4. Kobe Bryant0:07, 2:06, 3:01
  5. Chris Bosh3:30
  6. Dwight Howard0:48
  7. Miami Dolphins2:56
  8. Kevin Seraphin0:35, 1:35
  9. Verizon Center0:08, 1:41
  10. Cartier Martin's1:31
Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

She is in Washington dot com. Pulling -- to get him back soon but until then how McCarty mark in the Wizards taking on Kobe Bryant and the Lakers at the Verizon Center Lakers look at and that's what did losing streak. That was turnovers played a hot start for LA -- world peace forces is still Chris Duhon who hits it tough to. -- convinced this is the value of the Lakers their minds early. First possession of the second quarter Martin huge off the bench all night. Catches and -- from the on the that is good third period Washington -- one -- that is one of his five feelings on the night. Keeping it in the second Kevin Seraphin running the floor well. Finishes with a -- Jim the -- didn't trail by three -- -- third quarter Duhon. This is a wide open three but I'll be right there hit it to go back and into Dwight Howard who puts his head. Jodie Meeks not exactly the biggest name on the LA Lakers but he's hitting it died thirteen. She hits it over -- Kobe do drills a three he finished with 24 points not look like the Lakers were running away with that but. The Wizards coming back Jordan Crawford would throw the -- on the break and check out Martell Webster -- time while I value. Capped off of nine nothing run late for the power up the free throw line up seventh friends out nobody blocks how Kobe. He flies and. Protested that seals it. -- finished with a game high thirty points a Lakers they went 102. 96. 29 shots to get it. Coming up big for the Wizards as Cartier Martin's 41 points eight boards. For the assistants who steals for him also Kevin Seraphin opposites and -- seventeen points sixteen points as well. The -- head down to Verizon Center we welcome -- Chris Miller RH Chris pay the Lakers struggling coming into this -- the -- is another story get rather hanging around but just can't finish it off. And really that's been the theme all year long -- they compete they play hard down the stretch they make mistakes. In terms of maybe missing field goals. Free throws not boxing out defensive breakdowns that's really been the key for the was it's all yearlong but the Lakers coming in this game. You nudity at lost four straight Kobe Bryant was frustrated even after the game last I -- the Knicks he jokingly said he was -- the Washington generals on the schedule. They want the general there of the Wizards are competitive. But he couldn't come away with a win as the Lakers finally finally in that four game losing streak and for Bryant he was extremely pleased afterwards meanwhile Randy Wittman said. It was just -- Lakers he feels like his basketball team competes against everyone in the league. I think we've been up for just about every game to you know be honest with you. And it I mean that he these games are different no question sellout crowd. Beat the Lakers Kobe you know so. Those those. You better be. Controversial call with a three point showed that because it. I don't agree with that -- there anymore really focus on Miami Dolphins Morel each other good folks who didn't. Now did take Kobe Bryant 29 attempts to get to thirty points a Lakers and out to an eleven this year when school -- Kobe scores thirty points or more meanwhile on the bright spots Washington tonight. Carty -- off the -- 21 points eight rebounds. As Randy fuel reward him with more playing time tomorrow against Miami because you definitely have to considerate. The Wizards are going into Miami -- we know the last time these two teams faced off. The Wizards shot the heat I wouldn't be surprised. LeBron and Chris Bosh bring their a games tomorrow night in South Beach. Yeah except this time it will be in south region are gonna have that crop behind them but either way it is definitely something to keep our eye on. And look forward to thank you very much a similar live from Verizon CSN Washington dot com.

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