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CSN Washington dot com. Here thought -- -- snow our first place in our division -- from there was there's a great business trip for us you know although I was not happy with the decision. You know I got healthier but not planned. And we won the game and and put ourselves in position to control our own destiny so. You know those does a few things that for the most part he's happy about the victory. Yes. Are you did that today thumb went on worked out all the Astros are a declared an active -- not plan. -- Rwanda worked out and numbers walks. -- doctors Watson. You know set looked impressive so you know take that and move on to next week. Did it feel good -- and felt good. Yeah that was the thing I felt like I could play that. Yeah -- the -- I did it worked -- great force and knock and be anymore happy for this team or for Kurt. With last year. There's going to get a little bit of rent them like you said on the sideline still wanted to help as much as you can what did you say. Took Kirk and some of the guys during the game on the sideline them. Are you guys talk to their receivers and and told them they're gonna have to go out there make plays no -- not gonna get every call whether it's holding her or whatever the DBs are -- foam so we are just trying to talk to them to make sure that they were ready to make plays for him. I talked to him about just -- -- not don't freak out you know it all come together will start clicking and did. CSN Washington dot com.


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